H.R. 6666 116th Congress

I ask that you look this up yourself. You will have to add 116th Congress to get the correct documentation. This is apparently already being implemented in California and Washington.
I’m fairly positive Arizona and Michigan are next.
I don’t know about other States, but Michigan declared that all families with children will receive food stamp benefits (EBT) during this plandemic. This opens the door for the government to enact this here with devastating effects.


What makes this anymore surprising than the attempted coup-d’etas and those guilty of treason 2016 - 2020.
I would have more respect if they just sent an assassin and got it over with. They are cowards and this is the cowards (Schiff’s, Schumer’s, Pelosi’) way. I don’t expect any less of them. Nothing surprises me anymore. Horse manure is crap wether it’s 1 inch high or 12 feet high.
This will be a death by a thousand paper cuts. How we got here so soon is not a mystery it’s the Chinese Communist Party. Hopefully they have just woken the sleeping giant?

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Agreed. It’s time (even before this food stamp thing) to find a rally point. I’m done with this. Time to get it on.

I’ve already written my representative about this trash! I think it was sponsored by Mr. Bobby Rush. Yall will not use this pandemic (alleged) to trample the Bill of Rights. Do you think that folk are going to sit idly by why yall kill Freedom & Liberty for false security & unity?

:loudspeaker: ARMATISSIMI E LIBERISSIM (forgive me if I misspelled this)

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Keep an eye out, another protest in Lansing Michigan today. The Governor has already started threatening people with fines, misdemeanors and extending the shut down.

It seems like your governor and my governor are competing with each other as to who can be the most egregious.