What happens to your firearms when you pass?


I was recently at an estate sale that had a ton of hunting items - but no guns. The family had turned in the guns to be destroyed :frowning:

Not trying to be morbid here, but do you have a plan for what is going to happen to your firearms when you die?


Yes. I think it’s foolish not to. Same with my tools.


My wife has already been told to sell any guns that are either too big, or too powerful for her, and use that money to buy ammo for the ones that she can handle. If it after my son is a little older, he gets the guns. I don’t care if he sells the polymer guns, but I told him to definitely keep anything made of metal.


When he end is getting near, grease them up, wrap them up. put them in something water tight and bury them so you can dig them up in your next life :):grinning:


Ya know, it’s a gap. We haven’t specified exactly. Gonna have to fix that.


A lucky relative, who is already a responsible firearms owner, inherits them. Course if the law changes, my wife gets to live in a new retirement home called prison. No new man her her life.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


My daughters and grandsons (and granddaughters if any come along) will get any firearms I have. I do not want to see them destroyed.


A very good decision, but what if she goes before you?


I don’t have any collector pieces or anything special…well, except for sentimental value…but I want ALL of my firearms to go to someone I can depend on keeping them and then passing them on to someone else who would do the same. I have some airguns too that are pretty dandy and I’d love to see some youngster somewhere get one of those who will be responsible with it and have a lot of fun. Anyone (with responsibility and common sense) but the government or some scheister just looking to make a buck.

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I’ll take the insurance and buy a Corvette, and more guns.


I have everything written down, what I have, the model and serial#, approximate minimum value. I have asked someone that I trust to help my family do what they want with them, I’ve also told my family who I want to have what. I have a fair share of guns, and I want them to be passed on to people that will treat them well when it’s my time to move on to the next place. :sunglasses: