How to sell

So, I have to sell some guns. I know I will take a loss, because who wants to pay full price for a used gun, but I don’t want to take too much of a loss.

I know there is a gun shop in my hometown that will take them on consignment, and there’s one in Roswell that will buy them outright.

How do I go about selling and get the best price?


Will your local paper let you advertise them?

Here, we have a radio station with a daily, call-in, Trading Post Hour.

Are you a member of a gun club? Post a card at the range?


At a loss? Now would be the time to unload some guns if you want/need to. The market is thin because the rush to purchase, don’t discount what you can sell them for.

There is Gun Broker, Gun Trader, Armslist (I’ve never use any of those, just know that they exist) or try a LGS. We’ve sold ours on consignment at one of our local dealers. They take care of everything and hand us a check when the firearm sells. They do the background check so there is no worry about the transfer or meeting some shady guy in a vacant parking lot.


Personally, I’d rather go with a LGS on consignment (they take a percentage of sale). It’s in everyone’s best interest to get top dollar and you don’t have to deal with any part of selling to strangers.

Otherwise, as @Sheridan noted, the online brokerages like GunBroker, GunTrader, Armslist and

I can’t imagine you’d sell at a loss considering how bare the shelves are right now.


I’ve used Armslist. No need to create a seller account or setup any payment systems. Face to face meetings and cash transaction. Bill of sale filled out and signed.

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I’ve already noticed most others already brought up Armslist, Gun Trader, Gun Broker, etc and I completely agree. I sold my pistol on Armslist and actually got more than I paid for it. I know it may shock you, but if your firearms are in good condition, you should be able to sell it for at least what you bought it for with today’s market demand on firearms.

Now, if you live in Southern California…I’d be happy to purchase whatever you have…just don’t tell my wife. LOL

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Afraid I live in New Mexicio :smile:

Thank you all for your advice. It helps a lot.


How does a buyer search a serial number to make sure a gun is not flagged as stolen?

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Here’s one site that allows you to check serial numbers:

Also, but this one requires the owner to enter the information if their firearm was lost or stolen.

Another way, which some sellers may not agree to, is to contact the police. They can search or make a phone call to check.

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She will know… they always know…


I agree with @Sheridan. The way the market is, you shouldn’t take a loss at all.


I’m looking for a recently divorced woman angry enough to sell me her ex’s guns at a bargain price.

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