Best way to sell holsters, etc.?

Hi All.
I’ve a S&W 642 Airweight that I’m probly going to sell very soon. But I have $300 worth of accessories I bought for it as well, i.e., Galco Ankle Glove holster, leather pocket holster, Hogue Grip, and if I can locate the dang things, 2 speedloaders I paid $45/ea for.
Should I try to ebay sell the stuff? Firearms stores will buy firearms, but this is very top quality stuff I have with it that is under 3 mos old, and I won’t need it.

Why am I selling the gun? Because the DAO trigger pull, + the small size of the gun, just won’t work with a hand I had badly damaged in the USAF. Sure, I can carry it LH, but since the VA is screwing me over right now on my disability comp pay, I also could use the funds from the gun and accessories. So that is it.
Gun isn’t optimal for me, and could use the money from it and the accessories.

The VA sucks.

Ya all take care


The VA really does suck. Did you go directly through the VA rep or one of the other groups that represent you and not the VA? I used the DAV rep. He helped a lot.


Over here in VA they advertise on a site called OfferUp and sell firearm accessories. Maybe try taking some pics of the stuff you are selling and you may get buyers. Hope this helps.

I would try to sell it as a package deal. You could advertise it as a complete concealed carry rig.


+1 on the package deal. Other thought is you can try selling it on auction sites such as gunbroker.

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This is the way

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. " the VA is screwing me over right now on my disability comp pay," You too? Interesting

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eBay seems easy to me.

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OK. Here’s my suggestion:

Free pistol with purchase of compatible holster and accessories!


If you have enough ammo…advertise as complete package including ammo and the accessories.

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I must be the odd one. I would sell the gun by its self and then try to sell the accessories. Even though you have a great deal, it is only a great deal if someone wants the same exact setup that you have.


I tend to agree. I think package deals are great for getting rid of stuff you don’t want fast, but often means you won’t recoup as much for your losses. A benefit to the package deal, though, is not having to deal with packaging and mailing all the separate pieces.

What’s nice on e-bay for the accessories, is that you can name your lowest price, and see if it sells for at least what you want. If not, you can list them separately.

Make sure you look at ended auctions to get an idea of what your items are worth on the used market. Also, make sure you don’t mispell, as your auction might get left out when people are searching for them.

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