Best place to sell used guns when you want to upgrade

I’ve got a Springfield XDS in .45 cal that I want to sell. Looking at getting a replacement, probably a Sig 365. Where’s the best place to sell it?

Hi Jeff.

Aside from simply selling your old gun to a friend or family member, or taking it to a pawn shop (definitely the last choice), you can sell it through two on-line listings.

  1. Gun Broker, ( which is essentially an eBay style sales portal that gives potential buyers all over the country access to your ad. The downsides are that there are zillions of listings to compete with and you have to pay Gun Broker a fee for your sale.

  2. The second, and my favorite, is Armslist ( It is essentially a Craigslist type site specializing in guns and gun gear. Although the listings you can create are fairly basic, the benefits of the site are that you can specifically target your local geographical area, and best of all, the site listing is free. I used to sell my personal guns on Gun Broker, but once I found Armslist, I now use it exclusively. I only sell to people in my home state so that no FFL transfer is required, but I am very careful to get a copy of photo ID and provide a Bill of Sale for any who want one. I have had great experiences with Armslist and it lets me manage my collection with a minimum of hassle and at no cost.

You might also look at gun forums in your area. Some have a for sale or trade section. Of course, since you don’t know them, take the appropriate precautions. I have sold and bought several guns this way.

I’ve bought and sold literally dozens of guns through both.

With Armslist they don’t have the controls GB does so I urge anyone buying from them to make sure the gun goes through an FFL on both ends and you don’t send money until the gun has been delivered to the FFL holder for the transfer.