Best way 2 sell my guns online

Looking to thin my herd of a couple guns, dunno how to do so now, i notice some places online sell pre-owned guns, just wonder if it entails a lot, is safe, and how the fee’s go, any help or links would be appreciated, TY


Gunbroker seems to me to be the most reliable.


I’ve had GREAT success over many years with Gunbroker. You just need to follow the directions closely and never ship to an FFL until you receive your money in full. BUT, it’s tough for new folks to get established on GB. It took a long time before anyone trusted me as a seller/buyer because I had no ratings, but once you get your first A rating you’re good to go.

Armslist is another good place to do private sales locally. It requires a modest monthly payment for the subscription but you get to meet a lot of very nice folks. of course this is highly dependent on your state laws concerning private sales.


i’ve used GunBroker a few times. It seems to be the easiest…if not easy, and there are fees. A shame that ranges don’t have a buy/sell day for folks who frequent there.



Get your money, then ship. If it’s a firearm, ship to an FFL. If it’s a non-firearm, like an AR upper, scope, whatever, something you can ship straight to them…after you get your money.

I take a USPS Money Order (good as cash) or discretely take PayPal Friends and Family and instant transfer it to my bank and don’t ship until it’s in my account


I see that you’re in California, for all the hassle with your state laws and regulations along with having to register your firearms you might want to just find a store that does consignment sales, or just sell them to a store.
Not all, but most dealers won’t accept Firearms directly from a private person, you’ll have to go to a local store and have them ship it to the dealer out of state for the buyer to receive it.


I’ll agree with beancounter about Gunbroker. I have never sold anything on it, but, I have bought several firearms and they are sent to my local FFL for pick up and paper work.


I too have “purchased” through Gunbroker, who arranged it sent to my local FFL. It went smooth.

It worked ok for me.

On the down side, the buyer normally would not get to see or hold it in person. There are more risks when it’s a used item as opposed to a new one. But even some used ones purchased in person, we get to see and hold, if not test fired, then one runs that risk.

I’ve yet to “sell” online or via Gunbroker.

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Wadaya have? :face_with_monocle:

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Again, I have a lot of transactions on GB over a span of decades now. I have NEVER gotten burned buying and only had a few missteps selling, usually with buyers with no experience using the site. Because of that I’m leery of selling to folks with zero or only a few ratings. BUT, I will buy with confidence from anyone with over 10 A+ ratings. No one wants to burn a good reputation on a failed transaction and every gun I’ve bough has been in the condition it was described and looks just like the pictures.

Of note, Gunbroker works best when you are selling collectibles, unique or niche items like Cowboy guns. If you’re selling a Glock on GB know that you will have to list at a very low price to start bidding on the gun because you are competing with potentially hundreds if not thousands of listings in the country. But ultimately you will get what the market believes is a fair price for your gun.

That being said I prefer to get rid of common guns like Glocks etc, locally through Armslist. Normally get a better and faster response.

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