Buying and Selling

Not so much a classifieds section, but is there, on USCCA, the option to post something firearm related that you want to sell or trade so that other members nearby could reply?

I have things I’ll never use, like PX4 sub compact mags, 10/22 25+25 mags. I’d be much more comfortable meeting a USCCA person locally around Charlotte to sell/swap.


A classified section would be nice. I am sure a few folks here have some holsters that did not work out they might want to sell.


I have a bucket of unused holsters…


Any chance that this can be created?

Anyone selling a Glock 27?

Virginia resident in search of flintlock rifle and pistol…

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Making room in safe.
Still have barely used PX4 sub compact mags w/pinkie extenders $30/each ($48 new), two 10/22 25+25 mags $30 each ($40 new)
Open to reasonable offer from reasonable people. :slight_smile:

Are these the Ruger branded ones? Or aftermarket? And is this the one that is like 2 25s stuck together upside down? tested? Reliable?

Ruger brand. Correct, 25 on each side. Two of them. I’ve used them once or twice and just don’t need them in addition to my others. Reliable as any 10/22 25 rd mag. :).

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