If not allowed please delete...Ruger American Compact Holsters for Sale

I’ve got three holsters that are for the Ruger American Compact 9mm pistol for sale.
A Mitch Rosen ExpressLine OWB
A Clinger Holsters IWB
A Ruger branded Crossbreed IWB
30 each plus 10 for S&H
100.00 for all three and no freight…I will ship UPS in the lower 48

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There was a thread for used holsters some time back. Might be dead though. Good luck unloading your holsters.:+1:

Figure that I can’t use them anymore and they’re in great shape…hate to just toss them

Great idea, like I said before, there was talk of a holster swap thread. I got to send one out. Was better to give it away as to just sit in a box . Maybe could be done but, would have to get the blessing from mods. I know there are quite a few new owners here and there isn’t a good way to try out holsters .

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There was a pay it forward thread on another forum. It got lots of traffic.

Speaking of, I have a zip-lock bag of 40 short and weak brass to get rid of.

Anybody reload 40?

Please pardon the interruption. Other than at gun shows, or Gunbroker.com, can anyone suggest a legal venue to sell ammunition?


.357 magnum
.38 spcl.
.32 H&R

Well,we would have to know a couple things;

  1. What type of pricing are you looking to achieve per round per caliber? Because of different economic regions.

  2. What state and zone in said state are you looking to liquidate said surplus ammunition? Because of logistics and fuel surcharges.

Seriously if you happened through your local GS and mentioned what you had, I’m sure the word would spread. I unloaded about 200 rounds of BMG as I financed a “parting of ways” with a rifle sale and had no use for the ammo any more. Figured I would fire sale them to a young guy that had just acquired the necessary rifle.
Would be your best bet to legally sell your surplus, without shipping

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Thanks for the tips. Illinois. I’ve no price yet, willing to accept offer or offers. I’ll follow up with the GS stores for collaboration. Respectfully.