Anybody Sell to Bass Pro?

I’m considering taking an AR to Bass Pro to sell to them. I’m sure cash value would be 50% at best but am curious what they might give for store credit. Has anybody tried this and if so how about what percent did you get?

I’ve tried private sales on GunBroker and prices it very competitively but nobody is interested. Not sure what else to do with it.

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Is there a local range that sells firearms on consignment? The range I go to seem to turn around used guns frequently as long as they are priced right.


You can try other forums.
I guess the fastest way would be sign up for “Manufacturer’s” Forum. If not any AR related Forum.

I see a lot of sells done at “CZ Firearms” and “1911 Forum”.
There are some limitation at very beginning (you have to participate in certain amount of threads to be validated member), but you may find it easy way to sell you firearm.

Bass Pro may be a good start to see how much they offer to have market value idea.

However, as @PDA3 posted - your local range may be the best choice. Perhaps not the best for money, but it will save a lot of time and paperwork.


I sold a few old (no, not that old) firearms to Cabela’s about 10-11 years ago. I got cash.


This :point_up_2:t4: where moderators do a good job of weeding out scammers. Try rugerforum dot net.


My sister sold some to BassPro not long ago. We had already figured out a bogie price based on a medium between a local gun shop offer and actual sales numbers. Their first offer was slightly higher than local gun shop, but she countered with more. After a couple of Pawn Star back and forth, she walked out with about 25% more than local gun shop offer cash in hand, but less than numbers without the listing and selling effort.

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