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Maine state official who removed Trump from ballot was targeted in swatting call at her home (msn.com)

The Associated Press
The Associated Press


Maine state official who removed Trump from ballot was targeted in swatting call at her home

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Afake emergency call to police resulted in officers responding Friday night to the home of Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows just a day after she removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause.

She becomes the latest elected politician to become a target of swatting, which involves making a prank phone call to emergency services with the intent that a large first responder presence, including SWAT teams, will show up at a residence.

Bellows was not home when the swatting call was made, and responding officers found nothing suspicious.

While no motive for the swatting attempt was released by the Maine Department of Public Safety, Bellows said she had no doubts it stemmed from her decision to remove Trump from the ballot.

The swatting attempt came after her home address was posted on social media by a conservative activist. “And it was posted in anger and with violent intent by those who have been extending threatening communications toward me, my family and my office,” she told The Associated Press in a phone call Saturday.

According to the Maine Department of Public Safety, a call was made to emergency services from an unknown man saying he had broken into a house in Manchester.

The address the man gave was Bellows’ home. Bellows and her husband were away for the holiday weekend. Maine State Police responded to what the public safety department said ultimately turned out to be a swatting call.

Police conducted an exterior sweep of the house and then checked inside at Bellows’ request. Nothing suspicious was found, and police continue to investigate.

“The Maine State Police is working with our law enforcement partners to provide special attention to any and all appropriate locations,” the public safety statement said.

Bellows said the intimidation factors won’t work. “Here’s what I’m not doing differently. I’m doing my job to uphold the Constitution, the rule of law.”

Other high-profile politicians who have been targets of swatting calls include U.S. Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

Bellows said she, her family and her office workers have been threatened since her decision to remove Trump from the ballot. At least one Republican lawmaker in Maine wants to pursue impeachment against her.

“Not only have there been threatening communications, but there have been dehumanizing fake images posted online and even fake text threads attributed to me,” said Bellows, who has worked in civil rights prior to becoming secretary of state.

“And my previous work taught me that dehumanizing people is the first step in creating an environment that leads to attacks and violence against that person,” she said. “It is extraordinarily dangerous for the rhetoric to have escalated to the point of dehumanizing me and threatening me, my loved ones and the people who work for me.”

She said the people of Maine have a strong tradition of being able to disagree on important issues without violence.


First off, let me preface this with saying that swatting is bad. Anyone who does it should be prosecuted. It’s going to get someone hurt and it pulls the police away from things that actually need their attention.

Second thing I’m going to say is that because this is a Democrat that got swatted, the perpetrator will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the actually law and more than likely, additional “charges” will be found. While those that swatted the Conservative/Republican lawmakers aren’t even being looked for.


Swatting someone you disagree with politically…kinda sounds like terrorism




Yes, like the guys who attacked Jussie Smollett.

On a more serious note, I got a question: to practice law in Maine, like she did, doesnt one need a license, which she does not?


That’s what Brandon has been doing since stealing the office of the presidency! He took an oath of intifada! Isn’t that a copy of the Koran?


Surprisingly no.


He probably thinks it’s the Jeni’s ice cream menu.


Can you spell, PHOTOSHOPPED :question:
So what happens in the afterlife when you swear on the Bible and LIE ?
Will he suffer ALL of Dante’s circles? He ain’t getting no virgins!


Nadler? :rofl:


Oh, no, not that. Look at what gets said, and printed, etc., about Trump. Maybe she needs to look in the mirror, though, if I were her, I surely wouldn’t.


There’s only one thing that can save the Nadler…



OK, I am on a roll today.
How come is it that we have satellites in space that can read a license plate on a car, have GPS tracking that can virtually pinpoint a person instantly, by using data on their phone, BUT, 911 operators cannot determine if a call is a swatting or prank incident?
Something stinks like four day old roadkill.


Ok…now THAT’S funny! :rofl:


Oh like Biden is so great

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@Jaloki55 Welcome to our community, we are glad to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree, swatting should be unbiased :wink::wink::wink:

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