Nightmare before Christmas: Parents of conservative influencer 'swatted'

A NEW Low (even for these EVIL Leftists! Especially on Christ-mas!)
Let’s ‘take-out’ a Conservative Family during the Holy-day’s! It’ll be a gas!
What is wrong with these people?
This is Gestapo 101 by the evil .gov!
“SWAT-ted” is when a sub-human calls in basically a ‘False’ Alarm on someone saying a Person in a household is armed w/ a Gun or whatever and Threatening to do harm or did harm alarm and then SWAT comes barreling in and … well, It could get ugly!
Yesterday they ‘Targeted’ Catholic Conservative Jack Posobiec and his family
“They told police that I had shot my parents and was threatening to shoot my family.”
He responded on ‘X’:
“Thanks to everyone who reached out this evening. I understand others are going through this as well tonight. Law enforcement is fully involved. Going after family members like this, at Christmas, is not going over well. Expect a response”

7:15 PM · Dec 23, 2023
Other conservatives took note of Posobiec’s plight, including U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who herself has been a victim of swatting on numerous occasions.

“I’m glad your family is safe,” Greene told Posobiec.
“I’ve been swatted 7 times. It’s extremely serious and they want you killed by police who think they are responding to something awful as you described.”

“These people are evil. They need the joy of the birth of Christ and know him as their savior.”

This cannot Stand Folk’s…


I don’t understand how one can “call” and not be identified by either phone number or IP address. Same way they catch every other wannabe telecom device terrorist.


I don’t see how this cannot be recognized as the boy who cried wolf.


Oh it’s all OK, she’s from the other party so it’s alright.


Law enforcement absolutely has the means to track these calls down. After all, the FBI was able to track every single J6 protestor by their phone (among other things). If they claim they can’t, it’s just more verification of selective justice/law enforcement.


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@David1535 Welcome to the community!


Mediaite’s headline was: POLL: Republicans don’t know or trust far-right influencers like Jack Posobiec and Tim Pool."

The Post Millennial noted that story backfired, with its own report titled: “Never Back Down smear of Jack Posobiec and Tim Pool BACKFIRES, poll finds they reach 100M Americans.”

Posobiec said of the poll: “NeverBackDown (window-lickers) is so triggered at me they ran a poll saying I have no influence. So little influence you’re torching the little money you have left to raise my name ID. Thanks for the free rent!”

Tim Pool said, “The poll actually makes me feel famous. Who are they trying to convince that Jack and I have no influence? Total window licker move. These people are retarded.”


We’re gonna win this…you know…the Thing! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(I can’t wait to retire that joke…maybe you should start now Don102…Oh…ok, shamed into retirement!) :crazy_face:


Welcome david,

I know zip about Cell tech/Technology in general but they could have used a ‘Burner phone’
a one time use knock off cheap POS/throw away possibly?

It could have been from the WH switch board for all I know :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: These people have no shame.


No we’re not! The country is already lost. Look out your window!
The sooner we accept that the better off we’ll be!
We’re playing stupid word games instead of fighting.
Time to sanitize the country! Stop the invasion!
Trust me, the election is a forgone conclusion!
We used to be considered a sleeping dragon, really, more like a sleeping turtle! Have I given up, well, we never started fighting, so yeah!
There’s no law and order, and there’s no Republic! If you think your vote will count, do the math, we’ve become outnumbered 3: 1

I’m no bookie, but that’s a loss!
July 4, 2024, you watch, that American :us: get removed from the White House. And we still won’t do a damn thing! So, yes, unless I have people behind me, I’ve given up!
Cardiologist said I have to chill. However, if we’re going to fight, WTF are we waiting for?

Historians, if there are any left, will view us as pu$$ies asleep at the wheel!


There we are fighting for our Republic!


I respect you Brother (more than you know)
But I do NOT accept that!
They will have to throw dirt on my phuckin’ face to get me to stop fighting.
and I am NOT ALONE.
YES, we are sitting and waiting for the spark
and I agree w/ you 100% that we have waited too long
I am overweight ,partially disabled, have more metal in me that a Tesla
but as long as I have (5) lbs. of pressure in my fingers I will hard Charge
until the day I die. Just a little slower. This isn’t BS, or bravado this is a FACT.
I am no longer the physically fit dude I was when I was younger
but you can’t KILL My Spirit!, You can’t KILL my drive! I won’t let them!
I AM a Patriot and when the clarion call finally goes out I will answer it
(and YOU will also Brother)
I stood over and spit on many an A**hole who tried to end me.
I don’t know what all this say’s about me (Zavier once said that and I will never forget it)
and I don’t really care but WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS THING!

Just keep the FAITH! Brother.
I don’t know how
I don’t know why I believe it
But I do.

Editor’s note…OK, OK A LOT SLOWER! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m digging deep to keep this sh#t alive. Spark the call already, and I’ll give all that I have left!
I’m soon ( July ) to be a great, great grandparent! That child better have the freedoms I fought for, or I will be the one that sets the world on fire!

The only thing keeping me going now is anger! And your support!
I’m no spring chicken anymore, so my wife keeps telling me! Every time I push myself, I end up on a gurney! The next time I push myself, it better be for freedom! I never stopped being a patriot!
I will live to piss on his grave! Even if I have to crawl. That is my final mission in life. Some folks want to climb mt. Everest, sail around the world, that’s old school!
Still not sure this country can hold up to 24 million more illegals and no law and order! Western Civilization is dying, and nobody is fighting for it. The only folks in the fight for their lives is Israel! I pray they are not listening to a dipstick in the White House!
He will and is getting them and us killed!
Do we really need an oversight committee for the oversight committee, all I hear is talk! We don’t need no stinking talk. It’s all BS and where I came from BS walks. If it didn’t walk it ate the asphalt!
I’m from the neighborhood!



Scott, You (and I) say you need (or are waiting for 'THE SPARK?)
Well, Just like I believe ‘Everything happens for a Reason’ (It may seem to suck sometimes, but it’s ALL GOOD!) You asked, Santa Don102 is not finished delivering the goods!
(22+) hours ago Twitter/‘X’ EXPLODED!
I am Banned from Twitter/X for the same same I write here. But RUSSIA’s NEW 11th grade…nah! Just read it for yourself…



11th grade Russian Textbooks TEACHING STUDENTS Trump Lost 2020 in RIGGED Election… The book reads Trump’s loss was the result of “obvious electoral fraud by the Democratic Party.” A recent Russian history textbook for 11th graders alleges that former U.S. President Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election was due to “clear electoral fraud committed by the Democratic Party.” This claim from the textbook has gained attention on social media, with images of the book circulating widely. Marc Bennetts, a foreign correspondent for The Times (U.K.), shared a translated excerpt from the book on his X (previously known as Twitter) account, highlighting the text’s assertion that Trump’s loss was the result of “obvious electoral fraud by the Democratic Party.” ARTICLE:…


It’s Happening in REAL TIME
The Lies, deceptions and outright Corruption of the Entire .Gov Crime syndicate is going to topple.

No step on Snek!


OK Scott (further proof, for me anyway)

"The Liberation mission so far has been supremely successful and 2024 will bring whopping victories and permanent and in some cases miraculous change to our world.

Progress may be too slow for some, but except for that 4 – 6% who can’t make the break, it’s all for one and one for all. Where we go one, we go all. No willing Human left behind".

See you again next time, and check out the great stuff the crew posts in the comments by visiting our website. Comments follow the individual posts. ~ BP


The bell above represents the one on President [JFK] Kennedy’s boat, and his gravesite below mirrors the Q insignia. No Qincidence.

Just WOO WOO? CT? (Conspiracy Theory)? OR TRUTH?
‘White Hats’ (the Good Guy’s) have been fighting for us for years
Many a GREAT WARRIOR has died fighting this EVIL that is evident all over the World.

…for your Great, Great Grand Children!
Stay the Course Brother



But the image is turned to the Northwest. Very intriguing symbology in the QAnon logo. North-facing image below.


It’s always darkest before dawn!
How much darkness til we light it up?
If we sit on our asses much longer, there will be no dawn!


You are correct in that they may or may not have had phones on them. Or they may have slid them into faraday sleeves (something every American should consider) which blocks all signals and potential tracking. Bottom line is, we all know they could be caught. And just like the evidence on November 3, J6, and Russia Collusion is coming out in full, at some point, someone, somewhere, in law enforcement, is going to arrest the actual criminals in government.


I remind every skeptic that sarcastically calls out “conspiracy theory “ that the phrase was coined by the CIA to discredit investigations into their evil doings. And the lapdog media uses the term in lockstep obedience.