A good point to get Training

"Father, son shoot at person they thought was burglar after neighbor brings package delivered to wrong address

By Ken SuarezPublished October 17, 2022 12:56PMUpdated 12:58PMPolk CountyFOX 13 News

Judd says father, son charged with attempted murder
Polk sheriff shows case of father and son accused of shooting at woman in parked car

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - A doorbell camera alerted a father and son that someone was outside the door of their Winter Haven apartment. They armed themselves and went out to find who they suspected of burglary and ended up firing seven shots into the car of a woman who was parked outside of her own apartment.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said there was never a burglar. The person who triggered the doorbell camera was a neighbor returning a package that was delivered to his address by mistake.

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Father, son shoot at person they thought was burglar after neighbor brings package delivered to wrong address


A good point to learn to chill

Don’t understand the part where they let their guns do the talking.


So much gone wrong there.

Don’t leave the home to seek out confrontation. First most simple thing fixes all of this.


And this is just the kind of thing that gives free ammunition (so to speak) to the anti-gun leftists. It drives me absolutely crazy.


This story is so insane that it makes me wonder if there’s more to it.
Something like, I don’t know, drugs or large quantities of alcohol.


Maybe. Could just be another Florida man story? Some guy who has been fantasizing of playing hero and saw this as his big chance?

Aside from all of the other bad decisions leading up to the worst way possible to deal with someone ringing your doorbell, there is absolutely no excuse for taking your child out of the safety of their home into a potentially dangerous situation in order to confront “burglars”.

Not sure any amount of training could fix this level of stupid.


You took my best saying, "You can’t fix stupid ".
Very good comment.


Yes this is a crazy, stupid incident. No one needed to die. This father and son team are looking at a long time in prison. This may be a premeditated murder. They were waiting for an opportunity like this. May God have mercy on them.


That was definitely a wild story.


If only it was a story and not real news.


It is always tragic when someone loses their life. When it happens with a firearm it has deeper repercussions. At all times, we need to be responsible firearms owners.

Unfortunately, it is the only one of our rights that when exercised poorly creates OBVIOUS impacts to the entire 2A community. When properly exercised you will not be the media darling hero. As a matter of fact they will look for ways to make it look like you are in the wrong. When improperly exercised you will be the poster boy for the anti-2A agenda.

Don’t go outside your house to investigate “bumps in the night.” Follow the four firearms safety rules. Identify your target, and know what is beyond it. I hate to say it, but “WE MUST BE BETTER!” A heck of a lot rides on what we do as a firearms owner.


It sounds more like plain old stupidity to me. Looks like they took Biden’s advice. Ha


I didn’t see anything about someone dying. It just said they fired 7 shots into the car. Maybe I didn’t see all of it. I sure hope no one died.


The wife/mother was grazed in the head. Noone was killed.


You are correct brother @William377 it was attempted murder, the woman survived, thank God. But it doesn’t change my opinion, no one should have been shot.