Fires 13 Rounds

Man Fires 13 Rounds Through Door At Men Trying to Break Into His Apartment-DGU Video

To shoot are not to shoot, it is not a question. The
Over Penetration to the neighbor’s home, I am very happy no one was home at the time .


I read about this a while back. He knew where his neighbor’s door was (straight ahead) and where the stairway to the left was and that the perp’s likely came from the left.
He shoulda/coulda fired to the left a bit more so as not to endanger his neighbor. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


One view says that if a stranger comes to your door, you should not answer the door or let them know you’re home.

I view using my smartphone. If it’s a stranger, I don’t say anything. I just watch. I have a no soliciting sign, two actually.
They know they’re being watched. What they do next determines my reaction.

As for firing 13 shots, did he empty his clip, er magazine?
Gun being far away? Mine’s holstered and I also have two spare mags with me. Overkill? My house, my rules.


As @BRUCE26 mentioned we discussed it sometime ago.

And that really scares me. I know people feel they are in danger… but it doesn’t mean they can put others in danger. Shooting without knowing surroundings is nothing else than a negligence.
What’s the reason for such stupid shooting? Lack of training, lack of knowledge…both? Or just lack of clear thinking…

Anyway, sometimes people have no idea what carrying a firearm means. :expressionless:


The holes shown in the outside door are of his apartment, not the neighbor’s door. The video shows the shots he fired hitting the wall next to the neighbor’s door, shown below.

Yes, he did empty the mag - as he stated in the video, and in proably less than 2 seconds or so it seemed on the Ring video. Yes, not having his firearm readily available is an issue.

I agree with his comment about knowing the guy had a firearm and not wanting him to get into his apartment, but firing through the door is likely to become an issue. The nuance here of know your target and what is front and behind it, is that he saw, based on the camera, those things. I can, in that instance see an argument for either side.


As in, he knew his neighbor’s door was strait across from him.
I do know the difference between entrance and exit holes. :slightly_smiling_face:
6 of one and half a dozen of the other, I doubt the wall stopped all the rounds.


That is likely as I suspect it is just stucco. I didn’t state the wall stopped the shots. You stated “He knew where his neighbor’s door was (straight ahead)”. I wasn’t sure what you were getting at with that comment, hence mine, stating the shots did not go through the neighbors door. Firing at the perp, even if the perp broke through his door would potentially endanger others, even if the shots hit perp. The shots could still exit the perp and continue on.

I am not arguing those points. I actually am not arguing anything. I was only raising an issue to discuss regarding shooting through a door when one knows what is in front, behind and knows the target, but only on the basis of a camera.


I remember this, The bad guys never made into his apartment but he unloaded his gun through the door as a warning.


I don’t really have a problem with someone firing through a door at two home invaders actively trying to gain entry especially with at least one of them armed with a firearm. Though depending on your location there might be legal concerns for doing so and you need to know the bullets aren’t going to go into neighbors homes if you miss. In this case where there is an apartment directly across from the door it is a very bad idea to just blast away. That is one big issue with living in an apartment building. Your safe firing lanes are likely very limited.

I have several safe firing lanes in my home where I know the bullets won’t strike my neighbors houses. One of the best ones is in our safe area which has a funnel that would make it very easy to hit anyone who breaks through that final door and tries turning the corner to come down it. That is why plan A is to gather the family and get there.

In an apartment you might have to make your own backstop. Perhaps a heavy duty bookshelf stacked full of old encyclopedias?

  2. Contact a few (3+) Attorney’s ahead of time.
    (send letter of introduction and As much info about
    yourself you deem fit for a possible shoot)’
  3. Keep your Phuckin’ mouth shut! (especially to MEDIA)
    who will hang you by the balls for a ratings/new cycle bump!
    SHUT THE HELL UP to the Law!
    "Officer Krupky, I would like to help right now but i contacted a USCCA ATTORNEY
    and we will cooperate asap as soon as he arrives. Cops get @ least (48) hours to chill
    (and get their stories w/ their co-horts/PBA REP’s straight before they Lie their asses off.
  4. have a PLAN AHEAD of time, Like Shamrock said! Don’t make up one ‘on the fly’
    You could get dead and your family killed. If it’s the ATF lock away your dogs!
  5. If someone is kicking in your door, wait till they breach the thresh hold and then
    if ‘THEY’ are armed SHOOT TO KILL! Dead men tell NO tales. THEY F’d Around and found out!
  6. call the cops after your Attorney/Rep is called and hopefully on their way. If the
    lawyer seems aggrieved or hesitant say “thanks but No thanks” and call another.
    This is your life/future. FEEL REAL GOOD about this person so you can calm down and focus.
  7. Don’t touch ANYTHING they carried/held—leave their guns , crowbars, knives where they fell, don’t
    step in the blood to check their pulse! If you did it right the coroner/meat wagon folks will bag and tag them.
  8. Don’t admit anything ! (may have been implied before but bears repeating. They have body cam’s
    and their word usually trumps yours’s.
  9. Police are great
  10. BUT, they are NOT your friends.
  11. If they say 'let’s just run it through BEFORE your mouth piece arrives just so we
    can get the investigation started. NOPE! IF they want to look around… Same same NOPE!
    SEARCH WARRENT handed to my Attorney when he gets here. I can’t READ!
  12. You’ve just been in a shoot! Your mind ain’t right.
  13. You will have an ADRENILINE dump, you start talking you may/will convict yourself.
  14. Your fire Arm will be on a counter away from you: Slide pulled back/Cylinder out
    Nothing in the pipe.
  15. ‘Do you own other firearms’? NOPE If you have a safe/lock it, if you have a neighbor you
    REALLY trust bring your howitzer’s over there and tell them THANKS please shut up!
    make contact in advance w/ a few neighbor’s if you have someone trustworthy. No ‘on the fly’
    again, carting Lettuce boxes full of Guns around the block, You may be seen on wonderful RING cameras. the less you do after the better, You don’t want to look guilty even if you are not.
  16. try and use Muzzle discipline, If you don’t HAVE TO empty the mag DON’T. easier said than done
    but try and keep your head, that is one of the hundreds of reasons YOU TRAIN.
    You are sometimes GUILTY till proven INNOCENT just look @ Donald Trump.
  17. the .gov is NOT there to HELP you! they HATE you that you are Allowed to have ANY Guns!
  18. If you feel you are going to start babbling to the MAN, cut of a finger that doesn’t affect your Job
    or one your Wife/Husband is fond of. (doesn’t have to be the whole finger…wait for it…
    JUST THE TIP! I HAD TO GO THERE! :astonished:

Good luck Gunner’s, GOD BLESS and Be safe, aware and vigilant,
‘don’t take no KAKA from anybody’ ---- Billy Joel.
---- 'em!


Shamrock. The only problem I have with shooting 13, times . At anyone that you BLEAVE are going to kill you ,!! Is if you can not have them in your sight . I mean to say. No matter what I would never ever shoot THROU anything to shoot anyone else if I could not see why is in front of the bad guy or behind the bad guy . I understand what it means to be afraid,!!! But I could not Live know that I Shot some one that was INACENT and . I did. Not Have a clean Shot. I was Not there so . This is just me if I DO NOT HAVE THE TARGET. In my . SIGHT. I am Not taking . The shot . And 13 THROU the door sounds just reckless . I would let the bad guys come on in and get behind something and . Make sure . I am . Not Messing up,!! But Like I said I was not there so I can say . What ever. ,!! I would have waited till they came in and then I would have never DONE WHAT I NEEDED TO DO . I AM JUST SPEAKING FOR MY SELF . If any one is beating on my door . That’s not going to make me feel in danger . And my door is bulletproof . . As can be but if I do not have a clear shot . No Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100::heart::bangbang:


I definitely think what this guy did recklessly endangered others. Living there he would know there was an apartment across from his door.

In his situation I would not have fired through the door. But if I lived in a place where I knew there were no occupied structures or innocent people on the other side of the door and I knew armed invaders were trying to break in I would consider firing through the door.

My first choice would be to get my family to our safe area where I could better defend them. But if I thought the home invaders would break in before I could get everyone to safety I would not hesitate to fire through the door to stop them from getting in. Again only if I was as certain as possible that other innocent people weren’t in the line of fire.


Appreciate you giving your thoughts on this article I sent. 13 times is too much, and it is not the best thing to do and neighbors could have died; 13 shots through an apartment door. The Security door held up to the attempt to kick it in, but the neighbors walls across the hall. Irresponsible and deadly for the good people.

I was trained too, what to do and know what can happen, legally.

Thank you!!!


I JUST KNOWING MY SELF I WOULD NEVER GET OVER SHOOTING A CHILD OR A LADY OR JUST SO ONE FULL OF LIFE . Because I was afraid of being hurt or killed and even if my family was in side I would have had my back up with my family in a safer place from the door and protecting my family when they came THROU the door that is when we would . Settle . That Life or death questions and they would be answered and I would have to see them with my eyes . It’s a sad situation . But I’m not risking INACENT Lives and I know if Debbie ann seen me down she would . Know if that just happened she would have the strength to Shoot them from behind SAFTY . And if I am alone then I Lose I Go to the FARTHER. OF. LIGHTS . With OUT INACENT BLOOD ON MY HANDS. :bangbang: LIKE I SAID I WAS NOT THERE SO EVERY ONE IS DIFFERINT. .I STILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH MY SELF AND . Just to much to Lose if you fire at what you do not have in your sights . :bangbang: not judging. I can not enjoy my life if I shoot any INACENTS . THATS Just me . Even if I die . I have to see who I AM putting rounds in . I BLEAVE THE TRAINING OF THE FOUR FUNDAMENTALS SAYS THAT . . IS A HIDE AND WAIT SITCHAWASHION THAT WORD . Be DAM SURE YOU COUNT FOR EVERY ROUND . That YOU FIRE​:bangbang: be on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE FARTHER. OF LIGHTS HE IS WITH YOU . Seek cover in your HOME .that’s just what I would do YOU CAN LOSE YOUR LIFE EVEN IF YOU WIN THE FIGHT IF PEOPLE ARE INJURED BECAUSE YOU JUST DID NOT KNOW . If you have training you would not be firing at any thing that you do not have a clean shot . . Things Like this is why they are trying to take our second amendment away. :bangbang: THATS Just what I would do I can not answer for any one else . Any one shooting THROU my door I am not afraid I Feel sorry for them KAZ I will know where I am they won’t . Never know anything . Wrong door . Stay safe . Love Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::100::us::chile::sparkles:

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