What does the USCCA Online Community mean to you?





So that is what stopped you from posting the baby yoda porn thread? :rofl:



I have been pondering this thread’s question for the past couple of weeks, not because I don’t have an answer, but because I wanted to say exactly what I feel. I didn’t want to dash off a message that didn’t accurately reflect my feelings.

I joined this community a while after becoming a USCCA member. In the beginning, I was just a USCCA member without having a CWL from Florida where I live. I was still learning everything I could about the idea and practice of carrying a defensive weapon wherever I could.

When I received my Florida CWL, it was a momentous day. As I am sure many of you experienced, I thought the world was looking at me and convinced I was going to be called out for carrying a weapon. I have been carrying for years now, and no one has ever commented about my weapon. I have friends who know I carry and most of them have commented on how they could not tell I was carrying. I guess after a few years, one does get used to it.

However, back to the thread’s question.

What does the USCCA Online Community mean to me?

It means I know I have a place to go when I need to ask a question about concealed carry, or laws and rules about concealed carry.

It means I know I will find a knowledgeable group willing and able to answer my questions.

It means I know that my ideas about concealed carry might be challenged in a way that makes me rethink my ideas.

It means I know a group of people who have my back, even if we have disagreed on topics in the past.

It means I know I can get a good laugh from the meme threads.

It means I know the moderator staff cares about every one of us.

It means I know a bunch of folks I want to share a meal, a cup of coffee, or a drink with when I can finally fit the USCCA Expo into my travel plans.