What do you have to legally do to buy a gun?

The crown accepts a utility bill as the 2nd form of ID as it has your name and address on it. Also a “Real ID” will be required showing non restricted federal compliance once the old school Driver’s Licenses expire.

LA city and county are jokes, new sheriff Villanueva is a politician SJW. The FFLs I go through make the process tolerable and I’ve been through it a few times so it’s almost 2nd nature I walk in with everything ready to go.

I laugh when people say how easy it is to just walk in and grab a gun and leave faster than a fast food restaurant.

I’ve seen the Houston we have a problem situations as well as the stop step away from the counter, and the at this moment I must inform you I believe this to be a straw purchase and I cannot proceed for other folks.


It changed during the Obama administration. I bought my first handgun the day after Obama was elected the first time and my second one the day after he was re-elected… There’s no correlation between the two, just dates I remember. :rofl:

The first time I had to wait, the second time I didn’t.


Straw purchases are something fun sellers take very seriously. It can have serious repercussions… :confused:


Oh yes it got real very quickly, fun sellers this occurred in are very laid back it helps I’m a frequent flyer so seeing them switch gears, pull the merchandise back into the case, ask them to the door, pull in the welcome mat and turn out the lights was an experience. One set of funny guys kept trying to stay saying no it’s alright.


Ok, don’t throw things… :grimacing:

Bought two handguns today… first was a private party sale… I looked at his ID, he looked at mine (to confirm we’re both MO residents) I handed him some cash, he handed me a gun. Ok, we spent another 10 minutes talking guns, otherwise it would have taken about 3 min.

The other was through an FFL… had to fill out the background check form, took less than 5 min to come back clear, gave him my CC, he gave me a gun. About 10 minutes including filling out the form.

Yes I DO live in paradise, now that you mention it.


I am SO JEALOUS! I also found out yesterday that one thing that delayed my NICS was the Police Department Secretary left off ONE NUMBER of my FID card! I’M PISSED! Dealer said he could fix it though. Just have to wait a little longer.

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Sorry about the delay, that sucks. At least they’re fixing it

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Silently to myself I was blaming the Sergeant but then I found out from my friend on the force who is also a Sergeant that it was the secretary. She is very nice and very helpful and this was most likely an honest mistake but it cost me a day or more. :frowning_face:

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I feel blessed in Kentucky, also called Guntucky, that I can walk in to any firearms dealer in the state, complete the required federal form, show them my CCDW license and walk out of the store with any non-FFA weapons in a matter of minutes. Without a CCDW, it needs to run through NICS.


Go to the Gun Shop, they do a computer check, if you pass. You can go Home with your firearm.

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I would love to hear someone from NY post their requirements. From what I understand from my wife’s cousin, he cannot even go to a shooting range or hold a handgun in a store without proper documentation.

According to one person i met at the Expo in Pittsburgh this is correct. He said he teaches firearms course in the state of New York, but needs to bring the participants to the state of PA for actually holding and shooting the firearms.

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Holy cow… really? You need permission from the government to even hold a handgun? How is that constitutionally possible?

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Remember New York is one of the states trying to ban the USCCA insurance as it promotes murder.

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I’ve never timed how long the background takes in KY. I fill out the 4473, give them my CCDW, then end up shopping for new goodies so long it’s done way before I get back to the counter.


I filled out a form, they run my name on their computer, and I walk out the door within 15 mins.

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I call my dealer, tell him what I want and ask him what it will cost and when I can pick it up. I go to the shop, fill out the paperwork and pay the man. Then I usually hang out and shoot the bull with Bill, my dealer, who was my CO at the SO for 10 years.

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@Dawn. That’s what that guy last name Roof, his family member bought him a gun in either North or South Carolina when the church ladies and a man or two shot and killed those church people a couple years ago I think 2018 if I remember correctly, but his last name was Roof.

I remember the waiting period during the assault weapons ban, that was bad. Horrible to see all the hoops some of you have to go through to make a legal purchase of something guaranteed by the 2A!

In Louisiana, you fill out the 4473, if you have your CCL, they make a copy of it and your drivers license, you pay and leave. With no CCL, they call it in, if approved, you pay and leave. I usually spend more time BS’ing with the folks at the store than it does to get a gun.

Same for an internet sell, seller sends it to my FFL with a copy of their DL, and we do the above for the transfer, pay the FFL’s fee, and out the door.

I think us gun owners have been a bit complacent for too long about letting them pass too many restrictions on something that “shall not be infringed”…

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@Fred_G. Well here in IL if you shopping for a hand gun, rifle, or shotgun we have a universal 72 hour Cooling Off period and not a minute early because they time stamp your purchase. If the purchaser doesn’t like it, it’s just tough on them. It’s just the law we have.

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If you are over 21 in NY and don’t have a Pistol Permit you can’t hold a pistol. Ages 14- 21 you can hold/shoot as long as you are with the owner of the gun. Weird private property laws such as farms may allow under 14 to handle/shoot a pistol.

NY is a MAY issue state. Each County sets its rules. Back in 97 the wait was over a year. Why? Because they can. That’s what the Sheriff told me. I got mine in 8 months because I knew the Sheriff and he told me if I had let him know, he’d have pushed it through in 2 months. The current wait time now is 2 months or under. Someone complained and got the time reduced.

You have to give 3 references on your application and pay a fee of $140 in cash only. To my knowledge they don’t call references, they just have to fill out a questionnaire and mail it in. Looking at the app, it’s changed since my wife did hers.

The upside to my County is they do offer up a FOIL OPT-OUT form with the app so people can’t check to see if you own guns or not.

If they give you a permit, you can now go buy a pistol of 10 rounds or less and no threaded barrel.

Keep in mind that this permit has “administrative restrictions” on it. That means you can only carry to/from the range/hunting. Yup, that’s it. You want fully unrestricted like I have? Take a $125 and up County approved 8 hour CCW class, get a certificate of passing. Now you write a nice letter to the judge telling him why you want an unrestricted permit and provide the certificate. I have been told to date that only 1 person has been denied and that was because he told the judge he had to give him the permit.

Now you go pay for a pistol, fill out the background check forms, if you pass, the FFL gives you a receipt. Now you go to the permit office, fill out another form swearing that you have not done anything wrong since the last time you were in the office (I guess the background check isn’t enough and we all know people don’t lie). They put it on your permit with the make/model/serial# (we have pistol registration here) and give you a “coupon” that you take back to the FFL who will now give you said gun. My county is CHEAP so we have paper permits. NYS law dictates that every time you amend your permit that they charge you $3 for the process. They stick the sucker IN A TYPEWRITER to make the changes. NOT KIDDING. I have 3 pages to my permit, it’s awesome.Other counties give you a new credit card style permit. MY county will let you co-register pistols, not all counties do this. So my wife and a few of my friends have all co-registered our pistols just in case.

We have to re-certify our permits every 5 years (NY un-Safe Act)…at no cost at least.

Now keep in mind, if you want to “borrow” a friends pistol and go hunting or to the range, it must be on your permit or you are breaking the law!

If you don’t have your permit on you and have your gun on you, you are breaking the law.

I live close to the PA border so I drove and hour to the nearest full service Police Dept, paid $20 and presented my fully unrestricted NY permit, passed a background check and walked out after 20 minutes with my non-resident PA Permit!

I then jumped online after having my local ID office fill out a Florida fingerprint card. Gave Florida all the paperwork, uploaded a pic and 5 weeks later I got my non-resident Florida Permit.

I am good for a bout 37 states! When I travel I do use the USCCA map and follow the rules for the state I am going to. You have to be sure to read the fine print because a few states do not recognize the non-resident permits the same way (thank you law makers).

And that took me forever to type out!

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