What's happening in California

How is the newly enacted legislation affecting your ammunition purchasing in California?

"…starting Jan. 1, purchases must first go to a licensed vendor who can charge you a processing fee. And effective July 1, 2019, you will also have to pass a background check! "


For shipping from an online vendor you need to have an FFL that will accept these shipments you’re golden. I’m lucky that I do. If you obtain a curio and relics class FFL you can have shipments sent to yourself.

Otherwise buy what you can do is buy as much as you can prior to that date. Currently in LA city you’ve had to present your ID and get finger printed and logged in a ledger. Yet if you buy outside of LA city, in a surrounding suburb even if in LA county you can just purchase. The funny thing is you can’t handle it until you’ve completed your purchase.

July 1st 2019 The whole needing a permit portion of the law will not be implemented as there is no way for the incompetent CA DOJ to handle this as they’re already back logged.

Instead you’ll be taxed $1 additional every time you make an ammunition purchase. There is no limit on what you purchase but you’ll be lD’d logged and finger printed. So say you make a completed purchase and forgot or decide to buy more you have to go through again pay the additional $1 and get logged.

There’s a bit more but reloading/hand loading I suspect will be a new skill/hobby acquired by most if not already done so.

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I’m sitting at my desk reading this and my mouth literally fell open. I don’t even have to give my fingerprints to purchase a gun in Wisconsin, much less ammo.

You have to ship ammo to an FFL? How much is the FFL allowed to charge you to accept the shipment?

The $1 tax surprises me as well - because it’s so low. If they can’t take your guns away, they’ll take away your ammo. It’s another form of gun control in disguise. :frowning:


Exactly, it’s a defacto registration/ban.

The FFL’s out here charge about $25 and up for an ammo transfer. They don’t want you to buy online. You can’t bring more than a box of 50rds back from out of state anything more it’s illegal contraband. Anything over that must be transferred to licensed FFL and the $1 transfer process needs to occur aside from any other transfer fees.

Luckily I do know of some good FFL’s that support the 2nd Amendment and our community so they charge a small fee and process the FFL requirements.

The reason they say behind it is to keep unauthorized persons such as felons from having ammo access if they illegally have a firearm. The truth is a criminal mind will find a way outside the law.

So here’s another set of fangs thus gives to the CA DOJ so they think. If you purchase ammunition in a caliber you don’t have on record/dros’d you might want to expect a visit to find out why you’re purchasing ammo for a firearm you supposedly don’t have. As it’s against the law now to purchase own or posses ammunition you didn’t purchase for your own use.

I say what about conversion barrels and kits? ARs that can swap uppers/calibers? .357 can shoot .38s for example.

It’s going to be another back log for the CA DOJ. AZ is looking so much better. For now we stay and fight through GOA, FPC, and CRPA.


Here’s a video from a local vendor/range that I go to especially when they have a sale


Here’s another video from William aka the daily shooter he provides some scenarios on how and why you could be denied and what to expect in order to pay fees and process/turnaround times to clear/correct/update info with “the crown”.


Yikes! Have you thought about becoming an FFL in CA, @KenM?

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I have being that I have some good relationships especially with my local FFL I figured I’d cross that bridge after July.


Because of the crazy gun laws in California (even before this one) I passed on applying for one of my dream jobs. I just cant bring myself to move there and give up the freedoms we have in Wisconsin when it comes to firearms.


Great, informative posts, @KenM. Thank you!


And, things just got worse.

Today the DOJ filed an emergency petition to update the law to require the federally approved Ca Real ID.

Now, the feds don’t require real ID until October 2020 - California wants to now require it for ammo purchase only almost a year and a half early.

Sounds like a court case in the making.

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So sorry it’s going like that :angry: it’s just wrong.
This is part of why we don’t live there anymore.

Ammo for your own use. So if you wanted to shoot my 308 and wanted to be nice and buy your own ammo it would flag you because you haven’t registered a 308?


Time to move to Wisconsin where we have better gun laws, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers - and the awesome headquarters of the USCCA :wink:


Too cold for this desert rat


The real IDs that I hear everyone has to reapply for since the CA DMV didn’t do them right and passed them out to those who shouldn’t have qualified? This is developing but I understand that a second form of ID would satisfy until the deadline for all to obtain a real ID passed, the same as it stands to DROS a firearm with the CA DOJ background.

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My question is I already have the firearm safety card, or whatever it’s called they issue with a unique number when you buy a gun, why isn’t that good enough?

Just more BS to infringe.

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Wait - how many permits/license/safety cards do you have to have?

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Update on calibers not registered or having a record on file with the CA DOJ, clarification is you can purchase any caliber so long as your current address is on file, matches with the last firearm you purchased the fee is $1.

I raised that question as my rifles were all stripped lowers, DROS’d as multi caliber. As it didn’t specify my point is I could build between .22LR to 6.5 Grendel by swapping uppers and magazines technically for the most part.

If it is not on file or doesn’t match say you’ve moved for instance the you’d have to pay a $19 and the record would need to be updated manually by the CA DOJ and depending on how fast they input it and the system updates you may have to pay $19 again vs $1. Now if you purchase ammo and a firearm it can be handled under the same background DROS.

My son for instance has moved, I recommended he go and purchase the shotgun he’s been wanting, another lower receiver, or .22LR pistol in order to update.


Before you can buy a firearm you have to take a Firearms Safety Test . You’re issued a Firearms Safety Certificate with a unique number issued by the Ca DOJ.

Other than that, unless you’re carrying concealed you’re good to go.

If I’m not mistaken the FSC was originally good enough under the new ammo regs. Now it’s not mentioned at all. Maybe @KenM can clarify this, he appears to be the most knowledgeable on the subject.