Attention California Residents. Ammo available Online again!

Just got an email from Ammunition Depot that they are accepting CA ammo orders based on a recent court ruling. Expect this window to close very soon with continuing litigation. This could be the last chance for a long while to get some cheap bulk ammo shipped right to your door.



I didn’t hear of anyone getting trapped when the standard capacity magazine ban was put on hold for a few days. But it is true that any firearm or self defense related activity in CA could get you in trouble even if you are following the law to the letter.


Great development!
However, my favorite LGS is very competitive with pricing so not ordering anything right now.

I missed “Freedom Week” in the past when buying “high capacity” mags was temporarily allowed.


Are you getting, say, quality (factory new brass not-winchester) 9mm on the order of $13/50?


I pay $16.99/50 Blazer LGS vs
MidwayUSA online $13.99
when not making bulk purchases like grabbing two boxes because I am already there eyeing a pistol on display.


That’s not bad.

If you haven’t, though, I suggest checking out Target Sports USA.

Their membership is so worth it. 8% off of already decent prices, free shipping no minimum

If you can ship.


Thanks for the info. At this time, I’m not spending on ammo and firearms as much as say five years ago so not sure I could justify membership in something like that. I thinned the herd, so to speak.


I’m surprised you can rent a U-Haul in CA without a background check. :grinning:


As long as you’re not driving while drinking with a straw.


There is a joke here somewhere about plastic straws or having to bring your own straw I think


I’m a member, and yes their prices are good. The real cost of CA’s unconstitutional law is when you HAVE to ship to an FFL, the FFL will charge a receiving fee. The $1 background check and fee is like a mosquito bite, annoying but you’ll get over it. The receiving fees definitely add to the per round cost. Getting to ship directly to home, free shipping and even sometimes no tax is huge.


The other issue is when, as a Commiefornia resident, if you travel out of state with legally purchased ammo, let’s say to hunt hogs, you can’t legally bring any unused rounds back with you because that’s considered “importing”.


The tyrants in CA Congress really thought it through.

And you’re right about shipping to FFL.

That’s Great? Big Brother loosens up the noose around firearms owners necks? I’d be a bit nervous until the rope is removed and ceremoniously handed over to the citizens.


This wasn’t a voluntary loosening. More of this judge throwing some grease on the rope forcing them to loose their grip for a moment.

I suspect that if enough CA residents have heard about this the UPS and FedEx drivers are going to be very busy until CA can get their grip back on the noose.


I’m hoping gun owners support instead their LGS now that we no longer have to pay a buck for background checks.

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In the end, it does equate to Tax Revenue for a state that has a HUGE budget deficit.


I wonder if the local gun stores are all complying with the new ruling or if they are sticking to the old requirements? Being in CA they may be afraid of facing more blowback for following the new legal requirement than stores outside the State. Not that anyone should be faced with penalties for following the law but this is CA we are talking about.

I wouldn’t be able to afford to shoot very much if I had to pay local gun store prices. I don’t mind paying a little extra to support the local shops but I can’t afford to pay the at least 25% to often more than 100% differences they charge. Not to mention they almost never have the actual ammo I am looking for.

I can get somewhat better prices if I go to a big box store like Sportsmans or Walmart but they still usually come out well above the deals I can get online for the ammo I prefer and rarely have exactly what I am looking for in stock anyways.