What are yall's thoughts on this teenage mob takeover of downtown Chicago?!

The new Chicago Mayor said we must not “demonize” the “teens” that did this. So once again, soft in crime policy with no accountability. The get exactly what they deserve.


Beginning to remind me of the old movie where La I think was turned into a giant free-for-all prison.


Snake Plissken! :rofl:
The did both Escape from New York and Escape from LA a few years later. Kurt Russell was Snake :+1:


What next? Are you going to call some male “musicians and actors” thugs? Are you going to call some female “musicians and actresses”, err… according with their wardrobe and the type of dance they do? But they are invited to the White House, and are selling all sorts of merchandise with their face on it!

Forget it, you are up against a culture.

This is diametrically opposed to what the “community leaders” say, to what Walmart executives themselves say! “You benefit from this community, but you dont give back to the community” I recall this view going all the way back to LA riots of 1992, when “community leaders” demanded immigrants from Asia employ not members of their own family in their small stores, but local shoplifters.

This too, is an example of differences between cultures. I am saying, for us, deplorables, to show concern about this before the CEO of Walmart does is silly.

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If I was Walmart I’d just donate the last couple remaining stores in Chicago with their current inventory to the City. Instead of loosing money for many more decades they can just take one big tax write off now. And they get to show their altruistic side with their generous donation to community

Then the local politicians and community leaders can see first hand how much fun it is to try and run a retail store in an area with out of control crime.


It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?


And elsewhere…


FWIW, this happened last Spring in Chicago, as well. It’s turning out to be an annual tradition. It was all organized on social media, and once the crowd size hit a critical mass, it exploded. Anyone who knows the basics about mob psychology could have predicted the results.

This has less to do with the way Chicago is run (i.e. ‘dumpster fire’) and nothing to do with the color of anyone’s skin. This is a bunch of teenagers acting stupid and finding out there are no consequences for their stupid behavior.


This is natural and predictable.

Once again, Occam’s razor. What is the simplest explanation for what is happening in our world?

  1. Vast conspiracy theories are not simple and eventually come to light when someone wants to make a gazillion dollars on the story.

  2. Infiltration of other unfriendly governments to destabilize our society, lead to anarchy and eventual totalitarian government control? Still un-simple, yet plausible.

  3. Truth, morality, ethics, faith are in the scrap heap. Now, people have no objective reality, or moral, ethical, religious guidance, direction, or navigational landmarks to be able to know right vs wrong.

My money is on #3!


There is a couple of people shot. In my book, it elevates this beyond stupid.

What consequences would you suggest? Forget this is Chicago with its “special” way, common sensical, productive consequences, that make the city safe for all.


I’m not here to fix the problem, I’m just describing the situation. If it was my job to squash the mayhem, my first thought is using a fire hose to clear the streets, but I know what that would look like on the news, ha ha. In reality, this is a tough situation for a police department to handle, because it happened so suddenly. By the time Chicago PD could get organized to handle a flash riot like this, the damage has been done and the bulk of the teens have moved on.

I understand there are plenty of videos of this riot out there. I hope they’re able to prosecute the worst offenders. But the judicial system takes a long time to work, and probably won’t serve as a deterrent for the next group of teens that wants to destroy the city. I think the only real option Chicago has is to light up the Bat-signal and wait for Christian Bale to show up.


For every guy like Greg Foreman I think that’s his name, there are a thousand who are in denial and want reparations. It is sad. The black community is the most confused, the most desperate, the most uneducated of all the ethnic groups in America. The Democrats tell them they are persecuted. The Republicans tell them they have more than they deserve. ANTIFA and BLM encourage violence and terrorism toward whites. Lebron tells them to vote liberal and hate whites. Chicago will become the ■■■■-hole of America. San Francisco, Portland, and LA will fight for second place.

I’m staying rural. The cities can kiss my ass.


If you live in a town that’s still immune from this kind of lawlessness, work hard to keep it that way.

I know people hate Facebook but it’s a tool that could be used for the purpose.
We have our town’s group page that actively puts on social media early signs of trouble so that they’re acted upon immediately.


Depends who is watching.
There is a place in life for everything, including police brutality.


Well they certainly don’t act like any teenagers I ever knew. The goal of every business is to make a profit. If the business isn’t profitable it can not contribute to the community forever and continue to employ people at a loss. That’s just basic common sense.


There is no “black community.” That’s just something politicians and fund-raisers say.

I have seen no evidence that there are any significant differences in intelligence among Americans, regardless of skin color or ethnicity. There are differences in opportunities (mostly economic) and racial expectations, though.

Never said anything about intelligence between races. Said that the black community is the most uneducated of all ethnic groups in America. This could mean opportunities via economic standing or not educating your children by choice. I choose to use the word community because by definition it is the most accurate choice - IMHO


IMHO it is the most exploited and sadly, when emotions and feelings prevail, logical, rational and critical thinking go out the window.
One would think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are socialists but they’re not. They just want to line their pockets.
Sadly, their community sees socialism as what they’re peddling.

It is only when you go beyond rhetoric, and start looking at hard facts, that socialism turns out to be a big disappointment, if not a disaster. -Thomas Sowell


Yeah, I guess I just resist the term “community.”

I have a black doctor. There are black honor grads at my kids’ school. We have plenty of mixed race households in my neighborhood. I’m supporting a black candidate for mayor.
These people are not in a “community” with Al Sharpton, Cori Bush, or the teens smashing windows in Chicago, any more than Mother Theresa was in a community with Dr. Jack Kevorkian because they were both white.