"CHAZ" Communists have taken over Seattle... Literally

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So yeah… Communists have taken over a 6 block area in Seattle Washington. “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” is a 6 block area in Seattle capital hill area. The police precinct has been abandoned. The “protestors” are very armed yet say they are peaceful… mrgunsandgear Guns and Gadgets on YouTube have videos on it. The Communists even have signage on Jersey barriers stating “You are now leaving the United States.” They also have a list of demands…

This is American soil and they have taken it over…

Not sure what else to say just posting the facts…


Have they formed a confederacy?


A People’s Republic

I posted the following under “Current Events / Defund This” topic under another thread. Probably fits here better:

In Seattle a group has taken over part of the city as their own little country.

I would set up a perimeter around this group and let them have it. Then make sure there is one way in and out of that area. It would be a border crossing where anyone going in and out will need a passport to get through Customs.

Anyone trying to escape back into the U.S. without a passport or ID, would be considered an illegal alien and sent back.

Also would set up tariffs since they want to be a separate little country. They will need to pay a tariff for commodities coming into their country. Pay for the electricity, garbage pickup, cell tower usage, food, etc, etc.
No one in government has the guts to try this however, so I think the feral youth will win.


That … Is… GENIUS!!


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Maybe they should establish some sort of group that ensures the safety of others and prevents theft.


Well you people didn’t want police around to deal with crime. And now you’re seeing what will happen when police aren’t around to help. And sorry to say it is only going to get worse for you without law and order. but hey you asked for it. And now you have to deal with it.


You mean a place with no laws has crime!! GASP!! How absurd


Yea, and it is called the police.


Of course, call it People’s Red Milicya


Why did you mention elections, we already skipped murder hornets! Lol


Has anyone seen an insurgent group called the Wolverines?


So, they create their own “utopia”. Then put up a boarder around it to only let some people in, and they run out of food in 2 days.

:crazy_face: Some people’s children… Bless their hearts.


You just can’t make this stuff up…
“Lesbians anarchist needs bean sprouts and tofu to continue rebellion against liberty and the rule of law”

The best part of that one ran down her mommas leg…


I completely understand the humor and have enjoyed my share of laughs about some of what’s going. But when US soil is occupied by an anti American group such as what is going on in Seattle, I just can’t anymore. I can’t make light of it and just cannot imagine how they have been allowed to continue.

I’m not accusing anyone of making light of this or “hating” on the humor. Personally just ranting because this is setting the stage for a historic level of violence.


Kidding of course, but remember what Ripley said in Aliens. I loved that movie!

This problem will sort itself out, perhaps only after a few of these places are set up, but still…


Can anyone say what we’re going to do about this?
This is becoming as serious as …
Actually is this the time to gather the kids and grandkids and other miscellaneous items and head for the hills?
This is no attempt at humor, this crap is getting too real. This is not fear either. This is strategic planning.
Guess my kitchen is my command and control center. Most of my neighbors keep to themselves as do I. Our kids and grandkids live less than 200 miles from us. Their neighborhoods are not fairing as well as ours. The only direction we can travel is north, thankfully through gun friendly states. Hunker down or run for the hills?