Give up your house?

I hope this is in the right category. It’s getting real and this is spreading. @Dawn I don’t think a I can do it. Maybe this would fit the Home Defense category better?


Yeah I saw that, wow! This is how unfortunately people get hurt, badly.


I’ll just say those folks are not real bright, and leave it at that.


Yeah… that’s probably not going to go well… I don’t see what people that weren’t involved in supporting slavery owe people that aren’t affected by slavery. Can someone please explain that? Maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t think so… I’ve heard the argument that white people are privileged because they don’t have to be supported by government assistance…I know several black people that paid attention and asserted themselves that are very well off, and I know several white people that no matter what they do, can’t seem to get out of a rutt. When I was applying for college, I definitely didn’t have the money, and was denied student loans or grants. The only assistance I got was from scholarships I earned. The rest? Well, my butt was at work after class… The generalized assumptions people make and accept as fact, don’t help anyone.


Glad I live in a Castle Doctrine state!


Seattle and Portland are best thought of as marginal outposts of American civilization governed by whack jobs only tangentially-connected to objective reality. Los Angeles is not a whole lot better.

And in a timely fashion, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (AKA the Bolshevik Wing of the US. Court system) rejected the State of Kalifornistan’s appeal of Duncan v, Becerra, that held CA’s ban on standard-capacity magazines was unconstitutional. 0-2, Kalifornistan. Love that.


Many of the outer cities from Seattle, people are boycotting Seattle all together. There is nothing there worth visiting it. There are many of us in this state that do not like what is going on there at all.


If it is any consolation, the Mayor of Seattle is in the midst of a recall:

The realestate prices in Seattle have skyrocketed since I lived there in the area. Even though the homeowners were most likely responsible for electing this loon, maybe they had enough when the street thugs started showing up on their doorsteps. It takes some folks time to understand when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Also, Amazon is talking about leaving Seattle:


Does this mean you call your bank and say I’m giving my land to this guy. Do you go to a closing, a title search, homeowners insurance, the new owner signs HOA docs, the new guy takes over the loan payments, puts a down payment down, starts paying the property tax?

Hummm, maybe they didn’t think this GIVE AWAY through to well?


It is all political theater. I’m sure the puppet-masters fronting these groups of “peaceful” protestors are just trying to keep emotions high thru elections. Threats of Antifa moving to the 'burbs has been echoing for the last few months. I rate their realestate demands right up there with reparation payments. Nonsense.


Reminds me of South Africa, and farmers being forced off their farms. You would think that our government would not take kindly to those types of threats, but the news isn’t reporting any arrests. Way over the top.


The news doesn’t report any more. They shape narrative.


Kind of a crazy idea don’t ya think? I mean, what kind of response do they really expect?


In their alternate reality, there is no private ownership of anything. The gov’t assigns you a house and you just live there. Simple…because every house is exactly the same, all neighborhoods are equal distance from your work and have the exact same crappy schools and utilities, the parks, hospitals, and attractions are all equally distributed across the landscape, and everything is the exact same shade of gray. No need for all that paperwork, money, and other adult stuff. Yuck! (sarcasm)


That’s exactly what the whites of South Africa thought in the 1980s.


Wonder if we will see ANC style necklaces to discourage dissent among the ranks, or if public beatings and shootings will be deemed sufficient…


@Ken38 Different dynamics here than in SA. I could also make a comparison to 1930’s Germany but as I said, different dynamics. It’s frustrating seeing these “peaceful” protestors run amok. I would say damages are approaching $1B. The constituents of these mouth-breathing politicians are now paying for their misplaced votes in their utopian experiment.


There is an older dude who is a cashier in Home Depot. He is always kind of somber and sad, never really smiles or makes small talk with you. My wife said years back she worked at the same place he did and his story is he owned about 300 acres in SA. He employed dozens of the locals to work the farm that he poured his capital in.

He owned it his entire life and it was passed down from his parents.
The government forced him off his land and gave it to the blacks. He was white so he was not aloud to own it anymore. The new owners had no capital to invest in it, no management skills, no agricultural skills other than manual labor. Within 6 years of him losing HIS land it reverted back to untended wild land.

He moved to America to get away from the racism.

BTW he is a White - African American.


Come. And take it.


Nothing gets the juices flowing like defending the castle! Can I set up my claymores now, what about mining my front lawn?
It’s not a trap if I put up a sign, right? This should fix stupid! On the back are navigational instructions in every conceivable language, but you have to reach the sign first. They want to play, I love games! First one to reach the sign wins a prize!
Some may actually think this is absurd! Have we looked at the title of this thread?