We've got to be prepared - They walk amongst us

Pretty much speaks for itself. This is about 20 miles from where I sit right now.
This kid was going to kill people, multiple people. Straight up craziness right here in river city…


and it does not matter were you are located
we live in semi remote northern Michigan
response time 45 to 60 minutes on a good day
so we protect our selves and carry every day



Another regrettable example. Irresponsible gun owners using guns irresponsibly…and illegally… Just down the road from me.

Stay away from crowds. If you hear shots fired, get the heck away if you can. There simply is no responsible way to discharge a firearm in a tight crowds unless it’s point-blank.


First, these are the people daddy’s warned their daughters about!
Second, it’s the reason I don’t stray too far from my garden!
Third, I haven’t done crowds since the 90’s.
I have better ringside seats at home, they are cheaper, more comfortable, I can stop the action for pee or popcorn and I never have to worry about where my car is parked!

They have been among us forever, Brandon unlocked the gates and set them free! These are brazen acts of the wishful thinking crowd, wait for the serial killers to start entering the picture. They are more dedicated and crafty! It will be a while, but they are already hard at work.

Teach your daughters, kids, family members, welcome to Brandon’s jungle! My recommendation is travel in pairs with four or more friends.

Unfortunately, I remember and was too close during the David Berkowitz chaos ( aka Son of Sam ).
Those young couples traveled in pairs, you could taste the fear every night, the girls were changing their hair color and style, we started going to peoples houses instead of the parks at night. Heck, I stole my fathers Korean War bayonet, kept it in the car, like that was going to do any good! Never had a chance if you were in your car!

My daughters never leave home without some form of self defense accoutrements, from handguns to fancy items on the key rings.

These along with mace, flashlight, pepper spray or handheld tasers are all standard issue for my girls.

First rule for my girls, never ever go to a secondary location and contrary to what may be taught here, explosively and definitively go for the kill! They won’t be able to accomplish this but it should deter the wishful attacker or run of the mill date rapers.

It’s a whole other line of defense when dealing with the likes of a Ted Bundy!
Anyone who’s been a victim of violence over the past two years, the blood is on this administrations hands. No ifs, ands or buts! Violence has always been contained by a modicum of law and order. Wait till the drug battles begin! By Brandon’s invitation!
I hope none of what I had to say gets me flagged or kicked off, for let me make one thing perfectly clear, the bad guy doesn’t know who you voted for!


Like my Krav instructor says
“Always act with ill intent, never fake, never warn, DEVISTATE”


It seems there is a never ending supply of willing victims. I understand that people shouldn’t live in fear and enjoy freedom but I can’t Believe what I see every day.

  • Woman jogging on remote back roads. Today I ran out to get a few quick things and on the way to my truck someone started to walk in back of me, I turned, stopped and watched him walk around me, turned out he was a worker collecting shopping carts, he seemed Confused and didn’t have a clue why my attention was focused on him.
  • Old people walking all alone carrying a shopping bag.
    It goes on and on. There is some kind of assault at least twice a week in large shopping malls near my house.


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Not too far from my condo, today!


Looks like our DA, police and mayors attack on guns is working, they’re switching to knives now.

This is in an area where I drive through and do business pretty often.


There are a lot of people who cling to the delusion that evil does not exist, or at least that the police can contain the evil to a poor neighborhood on the other side of the tracks. I expect almost all of us here know differently, or we wouldn’t carry.

I might go a few steps in the opposite direction. I think evil exists in every person. Some have learned to repress it, and others fool themselves by equating violence with evil, but I think we’re all capable of it. And sometimes it bubbles to the surface of the most unexpected people.


I do not believe that. There are those that are actually bad, and some may have ill-thoughts and can control it, but I, personally, cannot think of a time where I wanted to harm another person. I have no compunction to engage in violent confrontations, so I cannot imagine where I would willingly assault someone. I have come to terms with my need to defend my family and myself - for the sake of my family, but that is the extent of my “evil”. I have learned many methods to stop a violent attack and I understand that it is necessary to utilize all means necessary to end the threat. In no way do I savor the thought - it is repugnant to me - but I will do what is necessary. I have stated before that I was/am a pacificist, but I will not allow, as best as I am able, to allow harm to come to my family nor to me.


Nothing personal, but a person who denies his own capacity for evil makes me more nervous than someone who admits where he hid the bodies. :wink:

I could see circumstances where otherwise good people become capable of “evil” actions. For instance I wouldn’t trust any parent with a starving child to not try and steal food if they had exhausted all other possibilities to feed them. And I likely wouldn’t offer them the last food I had if it meant my child would starve. I guess both of those actions could be viewed as evil.

But the thought of taking advantage of another human being to benefit myself or my family is repugnant to me. My moral compass is just not very flexible. I really can’t see myself doing it even under the gravest of circumstances. Maybe I could make an exception if my family was truly desperate, I was presented with no other options and I was sure the person I was taking from was clearly evil and had taken those things from someone else. Would that be an evil act?


In a “dog eat dog” situation as you describe it will be “survival of the fittest”, you and yours will survive or die. I cannot see most here just giving up. You will do what has to be done, “evil”
will have nothing to do with it. :us:


Would certainly do whatever necessary to protect my family and the stuff we need to survive in a worse case scenario. But don’t see myself just taking the stuff someone else needs if ours ran out. Which is why I have done what I can during the good times to put something aside for the potential bad times. Hopefully my limited emergency plan will be enough. Though I’ve already had to dig into it quite a bit with my recent medical adventures. And hopefully desperate people and governments won’t succeed in taking it from us if things get worse.


Lets hope you and I never see those days. The Bear doesn’t care if the Wolf cubs starve. :slightly_smiling_face:


A pacifist has no evil. I have never had the urge to harm anyone. The thought reviles me. Believe what you may.

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Ahhh. The duality of man. :thinking:


That’s fantastic, and we don’t know each other so I have no way to disprove anything you say about yourself. Except that broadly speaking, I don’t think any person is free of evil. I’m not saying that every person is evil, just that every person is capable of it. So since you’re a person, I believe you have an equal capacity for evil as any other person, if you choose to. I also don’t believe there are 100% “good” people, and that anyone who has to say “I’m a good person” is hiding something. Perhaps I have trust issues.

I’m half joking- but also half serious- when I say that I don’t trust a person with no dark side. There’s something creepy about that person, like a serial killer who is very good at hiding the bodies, and his immaculately clean house always smells like the floors have just been bleached.

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Presumably so. The only “dark side” I have is my difficulty dealing with stupid and/or willfully ignorant people, and extreme Leftists. I don’t believe they are evil, but if there is a God, He certainly found the means to test me at times. I don’t believe that is evil, either, nefarious, maybe. :sunglasses: Otherwise, what evil is there? As an Atheist, I do not believe in evil anyway as that is a religious construct. I have a good life and a family, so I have no room for ill-will, even those I have difficulty dealing with, as that is my problem not theirs.