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Watch your Women and Children. Europe is full of dead Women this week.

The motive behind the murder of Laken Hope Riley is not entirely clear. However, the suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, indicated that there was no other motive than "this was just a crime of opportunity"1.

Georgia student murder suspect not a US citizen, police say | Watch (


US cities are full of dead people everyday…

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Don’t be an a$$. :roll_eyes:
We know you don’t like when anyone says anything negative about Europe or Poland.
This is about unchecked illegal immigration of single males who think all Women are fair game.



Ok… I get it …
But, it’s not about Europe or Poland.
I’m so surprised we cannot handle own problems and started pointing everywhere outside USA.

Canada did this, Europe did that…
Unfortunately whatever is wrong somewhere else… it was already here…

So how I should act differently now, watching my wife, because non US Citizen did something… what US Citizens have been doing all the time?

So … I’ll probably the a$$ as long as we will be commenting others while forgetting about the facts… we have the same in our own house. :wink:


Simply commenting on the front-page news in Europe today. Did you read it?
It’s a War on Women.


Can you explain it? Id don’t get the meaning of it.

So that’s why I posted info that we have dead people every minute in USA… just for comparison.

Besides that… What Antionio Ibarra has common with “dead women in Europe this week”… as I know he came from Venezuela, which is far away from Europe.
Perhaps I’m missing something or I don’t understand the true meaning of your post, so please explain.
Maybe I’m wrong with my thinking then I apologize for that.

“The Crimes Against Women unit investigated 172 women’s murders in 2019, a total of 192 in 2020 and 127 so far this year, including 19 just in the month of August. The total homicide count in Juarez reached 1,497 in 2019, then 1,646 in 2020 and is hovering around 1,000 right now .”

I watched when I lived down there and as far as I know, today, it’s still ocuring and there are still no answers.


Link please.
I must have missed something in the news.

Just a few of many. :thinking:

Or is this not enough?

Four women and a girl killed in Vienna in 24 hours (

Police in Vienna are investigating the deaths of four women and a teenage girl in a 24-hour period.

Three women were stabbed to death by a man in a brothel in Austria’s capital on Friday. A suspect was arrested.

Another woman and her daughter were killed in an unrelated incident. Investigators believe the girl’s father was responsible.

Campaigners described the day as “Black Friday” and called for urgent action to stop violence against women.

The bodies of three women were found in a building in the central Brigittenau district at around 21:00 local time (20:00 GMT) after a witness called the emergency services.

The suspect, whom police have described as a 27-year-old Afghan national, was found hiding near the brothel with a knife in his hand.

The motive for the killings is currently unclear but the man has been questioned.

Earlier on Friday, a 51-year-old woman and her 13-year-old daughter were found dead in an apartment in the Erdberg area - about 12km (seven miles) from where the other incident happened.

There is no suggestion they are connected.

Police are still searching for the woman’s husband, who is also the girl’s father, as investigators suspect he may have strangled or choked them to death.

“The initial investigations, which are currently under way, indicate that blunt force was involved,” said police spokesman Philip Hasslinger.

Eva-Maria Holzleitner, the leader of the women’s policy department of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPO), has urged the federal government to call a crisis meeting to discuss the issue of femicide in the country.

“We mourn the murdered women, are thinking about the survivors and call for a national action plan to protect against violence to finally be implemented in order to protect women’s lives in Austria,” said Ms Holzleitner.


I hope you can catch how Europe differs from USA…

In Europe murders and really something that catches attention of everybody. It is still something that people are not familiar with.

In USA murders are part of life. Unfortunately.

Don’t get me wrong… but I spent half of my adult life in Europe and another half here in USA. So that difference is very easy to catch for me.

I’ve been following US and European news portals since I moved to USA and I can see how criminal acts are handled on both continents.

There are many incidents on US soil that not even hit the news, because those became “norm”… or people are not interested anymore. Another murder in Chicago? Another rape in LA? Another shooting “I have no idea where”? It is everyday life here.
In Europe those incidents are still something new, unusual. Europe will get use to it soon… but it will take some time.

So 4 women killed in Vienna in 24 hr is really scary… but I would probably missed this news if the same happens in Chicago South Side…

I still don’t get this portion of your post:

What does it mean? Don’t fly to Europe for vacation? Or…? :thinking:

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It wasn’t a tit for tat, like I said, “now you’re being an a$$”. :roll_eyes: Have a nice day.


There is no question Brothers to SOME men Women are like Kleenex tissues (or worse)
To some people (Muslim Fanatics they should cook, clean have babies and STFU!)
To some Migrants, Muslims, Murder is accepted and blessed by their GOD as ‘Do whatever
you think will please me’–Their god say’s)
**If you think your (or any Woman disrespected, won’t submit (when the male wants)
try to (God forbid) Educate HIS children, raise them up to care, love, ,read a damn book other tha THE BOOK! respect anybody other than HIS God they could/should/will be thrown in a hole and the hole thrown away.
An d worse…if that’s possible Women from another…TRIBE (White Women, Foreigners etc well the above numbers tell the tale…

That’s all I have to say. : :rage:


I told you… I’ll be an a$$… If I have to be…
But in this case I’m just trying to understand the meaning of the information provided.

What is just info for us? That’s fine… And that’s why I answered with info that it is nothing scary, because we have those almost everyday. Additionally why we would interested in Europe, having own unsolved bigger problems with murders.

What is a warning to not travel to Europe?

I was just trying to understand… and then I became a$$ :joy:


Thank you, sir !




I said it on here before. I work with a lady from Pakistan, one day we were alone in the conference room going over some drawings. She turned to me and said “You know, Mike, where I’m from, if I got caught in here alone with you I’d be in big trouble…”. My response? “Welcome to America.”.



Not everyone would be so calm and nice as you are… :wink:
Welcome to Pakistan… :crazy_face:


I think part of the point here, which may be worth considering, is that we, the US, are meant to believe we are the only country in the world were such bad things happen, which is so far from the truth.


Good point… That is true, the bad things happen everywhere.
Hopefully we don’t use this as excuse… hey we are not so bad… this $hit happens all over the World.

But yes… I agree with you.