Poilice - After the Fact

So, some POS runs into a building and shoots the place up, injuring and killing innocent people. Then he runs, the police show up and you see scenes like depicted in this article. A huge show of police force at the crime scene. Armor, long guns, numbers, tape. The problem is, there are no more crimes be committed, the POS ran off. To me, this is just a photo op for a police show of strength. It’s almost like a cover up “Look at us, we’re here and ready…”. But they got there, in force too late, all of the equipment and uniforms have exactly no positive effect on stopping the crime.


They do need to respond with some force and hang out for a little bit to secure the scene for medical first responders.

But like all the worthless anti gun laws that get proposed after events like these, their response is mostly about security theater. The goal isn’t actually to secure our safety or allow us to secure our own safety. It’s about making it look like they are doing something so they can deflect attention from everything that isn’t getting done to keep these violent criminals off the streets.


But, but we need more common sense gun laws. said no one with common sense.


We need more “community based” Social workers and Less Cops to harass the fine citizenry going about their daily business of robbing, raping, rioting (the new "Three R’s) replacing my three r’s growin’ up of readin’, ritin’ and 'rithmatic…


Ahhh … but did the police arrive in electric vehicles?


I heard they had ‘lectric assault rifles’