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The house is uninhabitable, don’t know if they blew it up or just wrecked the inside when they helped the home owner do the right thing.


That put the entire neighborhood at risk. Here is one non-explosive method.

Initial situation - over 350lb of old Dynamite with leaking NitroGlycerine adding to the hazard in an abandoned coal mine magazine.

Explosives including dynamite, watergel and blasting caps were found abandoned in a storage magazine at a closed coal mining site. Residential properties were located about 100 meters from the magazine and an animal shelter just 55 meters away.

The NG and the bulk dynamite posed an extremely high explosive hazard to recovery and neutralization efforts. After careful evaluation of potentially safe and environmentally sound solutions for recovery and destruction of the explosives, the use of MuniRem Reagent was selected as the safest and most cost-effective alternative by both state regulators and the prime contractor, RAM, Inc.


Yep, Took care of that one. Makes me wonder, is there more to this story than meets the eye? Lika a zoning dispute or something?