Well we have the outcome finally

Agree with the outcome or disagree with the outcome?


I don’t mind the decision not to charge, but I would strongly urge that nobody think that means they can do the same thing and avoid charges/conviction.

That could very well land a person in prison for some degree of manslaughter or murder. Not for the first shots, but…

/not a lawyer


No other way to put it
This is not how the outcomes usually are in this climate of
BASH the Gunner. Demonize the Gun owner, The murderous Sheepdog.
He should have just bent over and given his possessions, his ride, his Life!
(Because that’s how Progressive’s are doing it in Chicago!)
He should have asked: 'Excuse me wonderful Brother, turning your life around
(from being and continuing to be a skell POS) 'Is that a real gun or made by ‘Matel’?
‘Take my wallet please!’

This guy could have easily been J6’ed, Kyle Rittenhoused, Thrown in the hole and throw the hole away.
He should hit his knees and thank GOD he is home tonight.
BUT, he STILL may not be out of the woods, there’s got to be aggrieved family reprisal’s!


Yeah, the guy is lucky but I’m glad he walked out free man.

We have thousands paragraphs of Law which say strictly what can or what cannot be done in certain situations… but life is not black and white only. Sometimes our actions are not exactly predicted to fit written Law.
This was one of examples when right action doesn’t fit the Law… or perhaps the Law doesn’t describe exact actions.
The truth is the guy did what every prudent person would do - he saved lives of people in that restaurant, even it was “saving lives” based of the knowledge he got at that moment. What he did next was very emotional, perhaps not smart, but somehow understandable by grand jury.

I strongly agree with the outcome.


I agree in substance with what you are saying viewing this incident from a purely self-interest standpoint, but the decision is also correct because of the chilling effect it is likely to have on those in the criminal community who also might be tempted to try the same MO. The introduction of the unknown element of his victim being armed and able to defend himself is why Professor John R. Lott, Jr., in the course of his research effort to prove that guns contribute to more crime, was forced to change the title of his now famous book to “More Guns - Less Crime”.


I also, No question! But I stand by my point HE GOT LUCKY!
You don’t shoot a person in the head when they are already DOWN!
At the end of this vid he stood over the Skell and gave him at least one to the back of the head!
You don’t do that and NOT get the silver bracelets, Villified in the MSM press, Hung out to dry by the likes of the Soro’s backed 'Progressive DA’s :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: and remain FREE!

YES: the armed Victim was pissed off!
YES he was sick and tired of the CRIM’s Crimming all over him and American’s
YES: he had the balls to do something about it! Good for him ! BRAVO!
I’m glad he wasn’t charged!
YES: He threatened everybody in the place! Scaring the crap out of the customers
He took his time saw an opportunity and took the Ahole out! Job well done Boot!
But looking at recent history if we do that sh
we will be strung up and bashed to death like a Piñata
The Prog’s think we should be all little sheep and waitfor the whack over the head.

Usually we are.
THIS GUY without a doubt GOT LUCKY!

WE need to keep our heads ‘IF’ we are in a shoot
We need to be prepared for the Consequences if we take JUSTICE/Pay Back too far!


Who knows… perhaps he was already dead? You cannot kill dead person… :smiling_imp:


Isn’t that called “for good measure”
Perhaps, hypothetically, the gunman still had the gun in his hand and started to raise it? :thinking:


All I can say is I :heart: Texas… :+1::+1:



It seems to have worked out reasonably well for him in this case, but, let’s recognize that’s…not what we want people to generally be doing

Edit: I get the full assessment. That’s fair


So, what you would do in such case?
You sit in that restaurant, guy starts pointing the gun on everybody, you have opportunity to engage… what next?

Stop the threat, and stop shooting after the threat is stopped


So… this is what I wrote.
He stopped the threats, he did what every prudent person would do.

What he did next was a different story.

That was a true meaning of my words.


Roger, gotcha.

That’s a fair assessment


You do stupid stuff like the ‘Coup de Grace’ like this guy did and you CAN lose your FREEDOOM, Your HOUSE, You JOB! Familil Lawsuits (and they would WIN!) A PRUDENT Person BACKS the Phuck off after the situation goes down from CONDITION RED!. You stand on his hand until he releases his GAT, You
go to a safe distance and Call the Man. It’s every person’s RIGHT to defend them selves. What is NOT you’re right is to be executioner. You stopped the threat, BRAVO. You saved people Lives/possessions! EXCELLENT. Ratchet it down now, back off and be ready for the questions and Consequences.
Get your mind right, Call USCCA/your pre-programmed Lawyer’s number in your cellphone.
You practiced/trained how you’d do something when the SHTF! Practice what you will do/say AFTER a shoot. You can CONVICT yourself (in the eyes of the Law/Courts by saying stupid, unnecessary stuff).
Regain your witts, compose yourself and say something like’ I am ready to cooperate with you but I need to wait until my USCCA lawyer gets here and advises me on my RIGHTS’…something like that.

This guy got lucky.


I didn’t follow that incident and I’m not sure if “extra rounds” were taking under consideration or they only try to decide if the actual shooting was good or not.
I think the shooting act was easy to decide, but those extra rounds were really bad.


While I agree with the point others were making - the guy got very lucky - I hope the society in large is fed up with the crime wave, and juries will treat future cases accordingly.

Dont expect it will apply to you though! Follow self defense guidelines from USCCA.


Oh Brother are you speaking GOSPEL!
(MOO!—My opinion only)

Yes Sir! I always expect every action I’ve take and will take in the future will be scrutinized to every ‘i’ dot and ‘T’ crossed! Especially in THIS Climate! EXPECT to get HAMMERED after a shoot!
Even if I do EVERYTHING correctly, don’t go too far! Stay within the Lawful parameters
I EXPECT to have this ILLEGAL LAW to descend on me. THAT is why I have the USCCA!
I TRUST Tim and the USCCA to have my back!
I DO NOT trust the illegal system, the Courts and ESPECIALLY the Jury system!
I don’t TRUST these woke Demon-crats in my town to be FAIR and Just! The Blue DA’s No way!
My Training is updated frequently, My Trigger time is super important. I carry 24/7.
I KNOW my gat’s inside and out (and I know I’m NOT a gunsmith!).
I found an EXCELLENT Gunsmith to take my sh** down, check for wear, cracks etc.
I DON’T reload my own stuff yet, Not when I can buy a case of stuff I trust without a doubt in my mind.
I KNOW my limitations.

Muscle memory
more Training
Friends/Fellow Gunners

I LOVE MY Life, and I LOVE MY FREEDOM and no ahole is going to take that away
(and I am NOT going to hand my FREEDOM’S over to anybody on a platter because I couldn’t keep my SH

Just mi dos Pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


This is my mantra, my anthem, my life, my mission.

Screw the “infringed” part, they SHALL FEAR!


Ab-so-F___ng-lutely!!! agree Don102. This was not a war zone. You stopped the threat. You need to strap back up, call the cops, and call your lawyer. Not put a hydra-shock in his head! I agree with the results. I don’t agree with the irrational behavior of the good guy. Now if the perp had taken a shot at me and missed, then all bets are off.