Yikes! Thoughts?



“Houston Police want to speak this man, but he’s not charged with a crime.”

Somehow I don’t believe that…

Thoughts? I think that if criminals knew 95 percent of the population was armed instead of the less than 10% that is actually armed, that we would have a much more polite and crime free society. Do you think he would have tried that same stunt if he thought everyone in the place except one person was carrying?


This story could be written a little differently…
“During the robbery, unidentified man shot the fleeing robber in the back and took another 5 execution style shots.”

Do you think HPD is going to shake his hand and give him a medal?

I agree with @Barry54 . More armed citizens, less chances for such robbery.


That last one might have been higher than the back?


Covered it under “execution style shots”.


If for nothing else, he faces time for leaving the scene of a capital crime. I’m pretty sure no one got a good look at him (and I hope he didn’t pay with a credit card).


Scum and thugs need to start fearing good men and women who have done nothing in the face of this tyranny! Times up!
Someone should have lifted the perp up and faced him towards the hero! Then it would have been a good shoot! In those hectic moments it’s hard to tell when the threat is stopped! Just because he hit the ground, doesn’t mean the threat is over.

“Yikes” GOOD GUY STOPS BAD GUY “ Thoughts?
With the high price of ammunition, I’m thinking shot placement, front sight, squeeze the trigger, know what’s in front and behind the target. In this case it was the floor and no innocents were harmed by gunfire! Good shoot, as long as he was licensed to carry, not drinking or smoking and was not in a gun free zone. Only mass shooters are allowed in gun free zones!
If we keep letting the bad guy win, there will be no one left to sign up for USCCA membership! No more good guys , no need for lawyers.
Why are we supposed to feel bad for the scum? What? He was “a good boy?”


Doesn’t look like Robin Hood… even the horse is in bad shape…

Anyway… His intentions were good, but the action played wrongly… It shouldn’t be a problem for HPD to find this man, I’m very curious about the final verdict.


Yeah…don’t do that.

Just…don’t do that.

And by that I mean both robbing anybody, and also, shooting a prior-threat that is no longer a threat.

Man isn’t charged with a crime…because they don’t know who he is…or isn’t charged with a crime yet?

It’s unfortunate the legal system is now looking at the one who stopped a robbery, but…don’t do that. Shoot to stop. Not shooting any more after the threat has stopped isn’t letting the bad guy win it’s, it’s stopping the threat as opposed to executing someone

(not to be confused with two shots fired in 0.5 seconds after the gunman turned to possibly run for cover kind of ‘no issue there’ situation…this one is clear)


It is worth hearing John Corriea & Neil Weidner comment on the action in this video. In Houston the defender may be OK legally, but in many other large cities with very different prosecuting attorneys he would be in deep kimshee.


I doubt he will be okay in Houston, but we’ll see.


I am surprised we have not heard from the family yet. One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three. Reee, Reee, Reee…:pig:


I’m going to make a couple of assumptions first. Why most of us are here; education and information and insurance for a legal act that required deadly force. If you think you’re going to be insured for a situation that you acted wrongly and criminally in you better read the policy.

First observation was there excessive force used. In my opinion yes. Especially the kill shot at the end when the bad guy had his face down. Another assumption at that point would be the bad guy was so debilitated that I could easily have disarmed him.

Another assumption is that it appears the bad guy was in the process of exiting the building. Would I have been drawn and at the ready in the event he turned and brandished his firearm towards the innocence and myself again? Absolutely! But if he continued to exit the building the threat was no longer immediate. I would not have fired out of self-preservation legally. Doesn’t matter what I thought about the bad guy or whether I would like to have seen him put down but I would not have fired but only been at the ready to fire in the event I stated earlier he turned toward the Innocence and myself with his firearm. I would not have put the final kill shots in his back or head when he was face down assuming again he was disabled at that point.

Does the video tell the whole story? I don’t know but that’s what we have to go on.


I was trying to picture myself in such situation… and then I noticed the customer sitting below the TV in the upper corner.

Look how calm he / she is… :scream:
Is a such armed robbery a common in Huston, that people don’t give a damn what happens around? :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh, they’ll find him. Of course they haven’t charged him. They can’t charge someone with a crime until after he’s identified.


THAT’s your pig accent? :laughing: