South Florida shoootout

I know it’s very early on in the investigation of the shooting in south Florida, but I’ve heard a lot of critical comments directed at police who were involved. I attribute that partially to media bias against police, and partly to civilian tendencies to view police as overly aggressive. I have no first hand law enforcement experience, but I spent my adult life working as a private investigator. I’ve held a concealed carry permit for decades. I still hold one. I still carry concealed. I’m not so quick to judge the actions of the officers on the scene. I prefer to hear the actual evidence (not speculation). We don’t know at this point whose bullets hit the two innocent victims. I have been attempting to put myself in the place of the officers. I’m not so sure that I would have done anything different than what they did. The fact is, they had two hard core violent criminals who had already shot one person at the jewelry store and fired on the officers while they were on the run. When they got stuck in traffic, they started shooting again, with many potential shooting victims all around. It seems to me that stopping those shooters right away was a priority for the officers. I don’t think they had a choice. Also, if you were one of those motorists caught in the crossfire and were armed, would you engage the bad guys? I have my own thoughts and opinion on that, but I’d like to hear from others. what do you think? Thank you


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