This is How Fast It Can Happen - Shooting in Chicago

I stumbled across a segment of one of the videos in this case, and followed the link to the full release. Lots of stuff to comment on here, but I was primarily struck by three things:

  1. The patience of officers trying to stop the suspect – show some of these videos to anyone that tells you cops are all trigger happy and just want to shoot people.
  2. How fast the shooting took place; even with their guns already in their hands, two officers were hit.
  3. The increasing risk to officers following the initial shooting as people converge on the scene, some of whom might become belligerent.

The press release is included below, but all the video, audio, and associated reports can be found here (note: the video is graphic):

Look especially at BWC 4 | Shooting Officer to see how fast the shooting happened, and at BWC 1 | Shooting Officer for a look at the growing danger of the crowd.


In CCW class, we were asked to ponder: will you draw on a drawn gun?

The thug drew on two drawn guns.
That’s what our cops are going up against.


Did you notice how fast he drew his gun from his pocket and shot the officer. Not only did the officers face that danger but the crowd that was gathered there seemed hostile. That crowd could’ve had their way with the officers. Thank god nothing worse happened. Thanks for the posts and excellent videos.


Absolutely, @Johnnyq60. The way the MSM portrays police today, the stories they choose so they can raise outrage, regular people just have no idea how much cops put themselves in harm’s way. Who’s to say there wasn’t another gun or two being carried in the crowd that converged?


Absolutely @Alces_Americanus I am sure there were.


So even with 2 shot officers, the local activist still tried to claim that the cops just shot the criminal for no reason. They clearly tried to talk the criminal out of his gun and did not fire on the criminal until he first fired. This just proves how the activist portray any police shooting as the cops being cowboys, they absolutely did all they could to diffuse the situation, but goofy activists still tried to push a bad cop agenda, it really weakens the whole constant attack on the police.

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Until they’re held accountable for lies like this, they will continue. This fiction is what gets people killed.

On another aspect of this incident, there’s a thread on the forum about Getting Used to One in the Chamber. A better example of why that’s a good idea, we likely won’t see. Imagine if the cop in this instance had to rack his slide before returning fire.

I had IT issues with my computer. I attached a link below to a vid I thought might be the same one, not sure. If it were up to me, I’d not include the negative written comments that came with my copied video I’m posting, it just came with it. I think I gleaned a lot from it, how fast things happen, shot placement priority, what other things one can do to be safer, wear a body cam, and how real it is, when I’ve heard others say that there is no need to be on the ready.

Yesterday, I visited another city, and could not get over how quaint, open, and well lit it was. I remember someone who resides in that city complain to me about how people are fearful. That really came off the wrong way toward me, and I’ve never forgotten how that was said, especially now that I visited their hometown, much the different as the one we see in this vid.

The one good comment I saw that was attached to that vid, is that despite both being shot, both survived
Videlo link below:

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