Deputy Shot Multiple Times During Traffic Stop

How quickly it can happen. Outstanding police work. :us:
Warning- Graphic…


This why I never wanted to be a cop. I also don’t think I have the mental fortitude either. I can handle the gun fight stuff but the after action reviews and being under a microscope drives me nuts. I don’t see how cops do it. Part why I retired early. Now I can tell someone F’-off if needed without being dragged into HR or a type of internal affairs.

PS I was never a cop. Did serve in the army and was a prison guard. Hated both passionately. The way those are ran isn’t the way to motivate me to do anything or better.


Except for injuries to the cop, it ended well.
Too many things could have gone horribly wrong with passing motorists and stray bullets. Plus, the nosy guy early in the video.


The LEOs did a great job. They did what they had to do. That perp was trying to kill them over a traffic stop. Thank God those officers lived to tell the story.


Glad the officers made it out of this situation alive!

My one Monday morning quarterbacking comment would be that it looked like a very risky move by the officer who moved around the front of the car to get a better angle on the criminal. It allowed him to get a clear shot and end the threat but it looks like it put him in the line of fire of the other officer who was firing with rounds bouncing off the pavement as the moving officer came around the car. Hard to tell from the video which officer was hit but I wouldn’t be too surprised if the hits turned out to be from friendly fire.

It was a chaotic situation so I wouldn’t fault either officer. But from a tactical perspective it seems best to not be in a position where rounds are coming at you from the bad guys and from the good guys.


Where would you recommend the officers go instead?

You have 0.4 seconds to decide :slight_smile:


That is why I said I wouldn’t fault the officers. But ideally the officer who retreated behind the police car would have made the flanking move since he would have had the police car for cover and wouldn’t have had to cross the other officer’s line of fire to get a more open shot.

I haven’t had formal military or police training but even as a kid participating in paintball fights we figured out that it wasn’t a great idea to have two people firing at the same opponent when that opponent was standing directly between you.

I have no idea how I would respond in a real SD situation and hope to never know. But I did learn pretty quickly from paintball to not put myself in my teammates’ lines of fire. Hopefully that experience would kick in for me in the real world should the situation arise.