Weekend Training Ideas

It’s finally Friday! We’ve had blizzard conditions and record cold this week in the Midwest. I’m looking forward to a warmer weekend and spending some time at the range this evening.

Based on some conversations here this week, I’ll be working on shooting with my non-dominant hand as the range I go to doesn’t allow drawing from a holster. Tomorrow I’ll be working on that at home with snapcaps. Here’s the drill I’ll be working on:

What will you be working on this weekend?
Share your training video inspirations too! Links only at this point, please.


I am guilty of not switching up my shooting hand or weak hand drawing, this is a great reminder for me not to stay super stagnant at the range!


Just got home ftom the range a little while ago. 395 rounds down range, majority from drawing from the holster. Fired both hands dominant and non dominant, and single handed, dominant and non dominant. Most shooting was defensive type, with the target at varying distances and drawing and getting rounds on target as quickly as possible.


Does your range offer the turning/facing targeting system @Kerryman71? I need to try that out at the range I go to!


I’m pretty sure they do, mainly because I do it and no one has ever said anything about it. It got a little busy towards the end, so I asked the guys who ended up in the land next to me if they had any issues with me drawing from my holster, and they didn’t. Only drawing I didn’t do there was non dominant hand as it requires me to reach behind my back to get my gun from 4 o’clock. With it getting crowded, I didn’t want to take any chances.

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Can someone without a LTC carry an air soft pistol legally, concealed or open for training while waiting for LTC? Curious because My belt and holster arrived today. I’m wearing it around my house but realize I can’t outside the house till my LTC is approved and my ID license is in my hand. I still believe that it violates our 2nd Amendment rights. People are flushing America down the toilet.

In Texas? Age?

While I would not take this as law, it may give you some ideas about how the laws are written in Texas, Mark. Airsoft Laws in Texas USA - What's Legal? - Airsoftaculous

I would suggest talking to the local sheriff and find out what the local laws are.

IMO, they look too much like real guns, I wouldn’t risk it. Texas is a fairly gun-friendly state. I would wait for the LTC to come in.

Sounds like the answer is “NO”. But can you practice carry with a fake gun, assuming it’s orange or red or similar?

I’m not even going to wager a guess on that one, @KillJoy. :woman_shrugging:

Give your sheriff a shout on that! :slight_smile:

I do off hand shooting not only with pistols, but rifle and shotguns too…


I think a range date sounds good for Friday, early afternoon. Usually got it to ourselves. I need to start training weak hand. Want to train weak eye, and both eyes open as well. Technically, I don’t have to wait until Friday, but the club serves shrimp…


My Range is my backyard. I shoot with both hands. I’m better with my strong hand of course but can still get it done with my weak hand.


@Phil-G45 I prefer the term “dominant” because both of mine are strong. :wink:


Here’s a drill to try this weekend - at home! (We’ve got another winter weather advisory in Wisconsin so traveling to the range may be out of the question for some in the midwest :snowflake: ).

Try it out, let us know how it goes!

And, no Mike is not putting up drywall, contrary to what the preview picture looks like!


Until i can learn to control my other eyelid, i am right handed and left eye dominant so i often shoot left handed especially with rifles and shotguns.

Ive trained myself to be rather accurate with barrel point to point side shooting. Its range shooting only that way though with grapefruit accuracy at 20 yards generally.


I do that drill several times a week, both hands and single handed, dominant and non dominant.


What changes have you seen from doing this drill, @Kerryman71?

A bunch of holes in my wall!! (Just kidding) Definitely gives you a better idea of what your gun is doing when you pull the trigger and helps you make the correct adjustments.

I also squeeze the hell out of my steering wheel when I’m stopped at traffic lights to help strengthen the same muscles for grip strength. I’ll do my right hand for ten seconds, then my left, then both at the same time. I’ve seen a big difference in my grip just from doing this.


I took today off work and have the house to myself. I’m doing housework and practicing my Draw/Aim/Re-Holster Drills. I use three different holster types and just switched to my non retention OWB holster. I did over 50 cycles with my retention OWB Safariland holster before switching. After the next hour or so (50 cycles), I will switch to my IWB holster that I wear at 12:30.
I’ve also practiced clearing several rooms a couple of times too. Yeah, I’m THAT guy. Lol