Weekend Drill: Shooting from a Seated Position

Knowing how to shoot from a variety of positions, including while seated, can help save your life.

Brock and Steve provide a great drill for training from a seated position:

Where might you be when you have to use this training?


Dining out if you can go out to eat, at home, at work if you are working, on a city bus, driving in your car. This is a good training drill for reality. You do not get to make the choice of when or where you would have to defend yourself.


Out to dinner in a restaurant , eating at home, in a church.


With that kind of seat , work comes immediately to mind. The arms seemed to cause him alot of issues.

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This is where a Galco ankle holster is good choice and it’s comfortable. You can practice dry-firing drawing from a sitting position but I also recommend drawing from a standing position down too. If you don’t want to carry your firearm all day in an ankle holster, wear two holsters. One in your favorite location and the ankle, if you don’t like switching one firearm, wear two firearms.

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This looks like a great drill as many times you very well maybe seated in the locations folks mention above.

I ran this drill at my range and found myself aggressively and naturally trying to stand, flinging my chair backwards behind me. I also found that during the 180 degree portion, I was quicker and less awkward rotating to my left/counter clockwise to present on threat. I’m not sure if this was just from being right-handed or from old-ish age and this is the way my body feels better turning.

Also, yes, it was a much quicker presentation when the 90 degree to the right threat was suppressed with a 1 handed grip. It took too much time and chair manipulation to come to an isosceles stance. This is a great argument for practicing your one hand/strong hand only fire drill.

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