Cross draw for driving/seated position

For those of us who have ever worked on it we’ve learned that drawing from a seated position and/or while driving is very difficult.

I’ve always used a dross draw holster when riding a horse or four wheeler but for many reasons prefer strong side hip for daily carry otherwise.

This has required me either wearing two holsters or switching back and forth.

I came across this tonight doing a little surfing, a great product that pretty well solves the problem. This holster can be worn on your belt or even attached to the lap belt portion of your seat belt.

It takes literally just a second or two to attach/remove from your belt allowing you to easily transition from the cross draw to your regular hip, appendix, or even shoulder holster once arriving at your destination.


There is a useful tool.


(I’m the first one to say I’ve got too many holsters…)
‘come to me my precious…’

and it’s been out on the Strange for a month so he may be catching up


I can visualize a guy somewhere with cross draw pistolas and bandoliers crossing like Pancho Villa


I resemble that remark. And two others behind the back and one in the sombrero.


I was just going to say: Who sent YOU photos of me?
Hey, why you lookin down at my picture? Don’t make fun of my belly, without the right girth the bandoliers just look sad.


Good one Buddy :smile::joy:

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I spoke with Sam Andrews a couple weeks ago about that holster, going to be ordering one for the new Warthog. Grace needs nice outfits :wink::grin: Sam is going to make me one with a thumb break in stingray. That’ll be my OC/pack mount holster.

BTW, Sam is every bit as nice as he seems, a true old-school gentleman.

(And yes, the 1911 got a name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


If you are in a seated position, how about the ankle holster, Galco makes pretty comfortable holster. Seating down it’s a fast draw. All depending on you carry gun, if you are concerned about your draw walking around, you could wear two holsters and switch back and forth or carry 2 guns.

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Not in most cars or light trucks it wouldn’t be due to the wheel. You’d have to be awfully limber to pull that off quickly.

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I’ve thought about ankle holsters, but normally my bad knees would be an issue… cant get there from here :roll_eyes: that crouching thing is definitely out.

In my truck this would work only if it was carried on the outside of my right ankle… not the place one typically carries (usually inside left for right handers). But if I were to do that, I’d need a much smaller carry gun… or bigger ankles :laughing:

My Jotto holster is mounted right beside my right leg just forward of the console, so that is very easy to get to in my truck, leaning forward about an inch and a half gets me there. That makes it my go-to truck holster, but I normally carry crossdraw appendix in a corset holster, so I don’t need a separate crossdraw holster.

Getting one for OC of my 1911 Warthog though. :grin:

ETA: just tried a couple gymnastics in my truck… if I were ankle holstered on the inside of my left ankle I could get to it by hoisting my left knee up to the door panel and lifting my left foot to my right knee, (as if I were going to sit cross legged) then reaching under the steering wheel to get to it with my right.
I’d still need a smaller gun or bigger ankles though.

I do something similar, I have a holster mounted to the console in the F350’s and in the Nissan the split between the seats makes for a very snug, secure place to keep one.

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this is what my holster mount looks like:

I like the almost/not quite crossdraw, similar to pictured above. I find it more comfortable when sitting and gives quickest possible access when behind the wheel. What’s more, it gives up nothing to other means of carry when on my feet. Right now I have sort of a juryrig using a Bulldog size 7 which is a good fit for my Security 9 but a bit more bulky than I would like. Need to have a good holster guy build what I really want. I have it almost horizontal, muzzle down maybe 15 degrees and completely clear of my body. It conceals well (because I have done away with some belly blubber) and with the thumb break it is very secure.


Welcome to the group @Dale2!

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Being a lefty makes it interesting. I practice drawing in the car often, considering a different way to carry when I’m in car.

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