The FALCO "ROTO" Shoulder Holster

FINALLY - For those of you shopping for a shoulder holster - at least for cold-weather wear - their “ROTO” design - in leather and ballistic nylon - is one answer to the stiff and unyielding problems we’ve found in
these holsters. I’ve offered suggestions to design and develop BELT versions of this, in OWBs and IWBs. The OWB could double as a cross-draw, while the IWB could eliminate the fixed vertical position - and awkward draw - of those of us who favor appendix-carry. This has been an ongoing and ignored situation for at least the last 40+ years, especially regarding the crummy designs in ballistic nylon. If you go to their website, the nylon version is the D808 “Mason” - they offer 3 different harnesses, 2 different tie-down straps, and pouches for double mags or speedloaders, which can serve as counterweights - you can “build” your own rig. I’m sure clones in this will start to arrive soon, as in the case of Colt 1911s. FYI