Shoulder Holsters

I’ve been shopping for ballistic nylon shoulder holsters for cold-weather carry - the only one I’ve seen outside of these clunky designs is the Craft “ROTO” vertical holster - has anybody found something better, or has tried this particular holster? The only feature of this I don’t like is the velcro retainer strap, versus an adjustable thumb-break.


Not much help as I use a leather shoulder holster during winter for a full size canik. A Miami style. Very comfortable for a heavier firearm…


I will never buy anything from craft again. I ordered a "custom "holster from them and got a fitall piece of junk. If you want a good shoulder holster I highly recommend Galco shoulder holsters. I have 2 and love them. I know they are leather but they are great.


When I was in LE I carried my back-up in a shoulder holster during the winter and found it to be comfortable. This is the only shoulder holster that I have and it fits my M&P Shield 9mm.


I’ve asked for advice about ballistic/Cordura NTLON holsters - wood and leather are obsolete materials in my view. Synthetics don’t require care, dry out or crack over time.

Just stretch out & get loose… Over time


I agree with @Johnnyq60 and leather. I have leather holsters that have lasted many years with little to no maintenance. @KURT17 you asked, “has anybody found something better?” I have always been a fan of leather.
If you are looking for nylon only, check out safari land, galls, uncle mikes and falco.