My Last Proposal to FALCO - For You "Smoke-Wagoneers"

For you handgun-hunters, guides, outfitters, steel-challenge shooters, et al. - this was for a ROTO version of a shoulder- or chest-carry holster to accommodate the steel monsters you carry. My suggestions included an optional thumb-break versus the usual strap, a 90-degree rotation for a horizontal, straight across-the-body draw, and ammunition carriers for 4 mags, 4 speedloaders, and 4, six-round drop-boxes for SA revolvers. I referenced N- and X-frames from Smith, and others from Taurus, Ruger, Magnum Research, Wildey, and Auto-Mag. It’s time for a CHANGE from the stiff, unyielding designs we still have - the last and only departure from these was the GALCO “Bigame”, over 30 years ago. You’re welcome.

Still on the hunt for a lone eagle holster that isn’t garbage. Had one made and there was a communication break down but works if you don’t sit down, kinda.

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Can’t help, here. FALCO’s VP of marketing was interested in my proposals - their focus is in filling existing orders ASAP, and no one there had ever thought of the potential versatility of this design. I would contact them directly, anyway, to hedge your bets. You never know…

Try shopping “bandoleer” holsters - they resemble slings, but some come with flaps and ammo-carriers.

Thanks Kurt will look into it.

This holster is the first real VERSATILE design in 100 years - a true “4-in-1” - and I want to help develop it to its utmost, extreme potential. I can just imagine the copycats that’ll jump onboard THIS train!

I cant seem to like any holster, and I know thats a strange personal problem. I knoŵ I have 20+ holsters to and some of them are real good holsters to. Ive got few Hawg handgun leather that are real nice and my G-42 was the first one he made for that model cause my son knows him and he knows the Novak guy who intriduced the Novak sight, hes up here in W. Va. in Parkersburg. He did a bunch of work on his 70 series 1911 Colt. He said you would drive right past the place because its incognito and you wouldnt know it was a shop if you didnt know it. Anyhow to get back on target Ive resorted to just carrying mouse guns (.380s) mostly in one of those pocket holsters with the hook of an affair on it so the gun can be removed and it will stay in place and one of those takes a lot of print out of it. My main prob is I cant stand to wear a Gol Dern belt! I cant stand them and have never worn one . Its something Im gonna have to get over…I guess.