Any Recommendations?

Hi Ladies (and/or Gents),


My issue is that I have long legs. short torso, and slightly longer arms. So anything close to waistband carry in or out is downright awkward and uncomfortable. My employer doesn’t “allow” weapons on property but, that isn’t posted so in Indiana not enforceable. BUT I don’t want to exactly thigh carry everyday.


I have a question. I have a shorter torso and slightly longer arms I can’t stand drawing from my right hip from either my owb or iwb holster. It’s just a very awkward motion. I am beginning to wish that I bought the left handed iwb holster for cross draw.

I’m right-handed.

I draw much more fluidly from my thigh when I use my thigh holster with dresses or skirts. However, I have been considering getting the flashbang holster. Thoughts on this or any other recommendations??

Thanks in advance.


Hello and welcome @jer002
Besides the leg holster it sounds like the cross draw might be your best option. The Flashbang holster, how quickly could you draw from it without snagging would be my question. Members do get discounts at Galco, Crossbreed, and Urban Carry to give you more options.

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@Karacal yeah that’s the question. That is the really crappy part about buying holsters at least where I am located. I hate buying stuff then having to return it.


Been there and done that too many times. The good thing with Galco and UC is they give you 90 days to try them out.

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@jer002 - welcome to the Community!

As @Karacal posted - cross draw may work best for you.

Do not do this:

You still use RIGHT HANDED holster for cross draw. Do not use IWB reversed to OWB for other hand, it’s not a good idea.
A lot of manufacturers give pretty good cant adjustment range to make the holster good for cross draw.


If you get an IWB holster which has, or can be adjusted to, a zero or vertical cant (i.e. gun barrel runs straight up and down), you can position that anywhere from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock on your waist for a draw which might find a comfortable distance. I would sure stick with a right-hand holster for that.

I like the Concealment Express Tuckable, ambidextrous with the clip moved to the tension screws.
[Tuckable IWB Concealed Carry Holsters - Kydex® Gun Holster for Sale - Concealment Express]
Sturdy, secure, good coverage, affordable. A lot of cant adjustment if you really want it on your left hip. You can even try it left-handed without extra expense.
If you don’t wear a belt, some other arrangement might be necessary. Thigh holsters would be out of my specialty area. :blush: Keep working at it.


@techs I hate my iwb. It’s uncomfortable no matter what I do. So it has been relegated to holster clipped into my purse. That’s why I am asking about other options.

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well noted @Jerzy But my iwb is now relegated to being the one that is used with my purse. I hate it. It’s uncomfortable no matter what I do. I’d throw it away, but I spent too much money on it to do that.

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IIRC, @Dawn (or maybe it was another mod) might have mentioned that she carried cross draw with an appendix IWB setup.


Welcome to the family @jer002 and you are in the right place at the right time.


@jer002 , Your best bet maybe cross draw OWB at the 1000 o’clock position. It took me a while to get used to IWB but thank goodness I got used to it.

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@jer002 . IWB is not designed to be carried in the purse, so no doubt you can hate it.
Be prepared to spend the money for few holsters before you find the one you like.

If you like carrying in the purse you may consider using trigger guard instead of full holster. Use designated pocket, don’t keep it together with all “women stuff”.


Nevermind, I do use a designated pocket. But thank you for “speaking” to me like i am 3. I now remember why I don’t post on forums and ask questions.

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You are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps if you ask proper question instead of looking for advice we will be able to perfectly fit your expectation.

Anyway, we are here to help, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, there is nothing I can do.
Please just ignore my posts.


@jer002 Please don’t be offended, no one here knows your experience level and believe it or not some people (even experienced folks who should “know better”) will do all sorts of bad ideas. It happens to all of us. So if no one ever mentions the obvious mistakes we all just continue to make the same obvious mistakes. We’re all here to learn and ask questions.

One option not mentioned above is the Phlster Engima. It’s like a hybrid belly band and kydex holster. There are a lot of adjustment options so I’m pretty sure you can put that in a crossdraw position. Armed & Styled (a female youtuber) has a few videos on it.


Oh, ok. I didn’t get that from your original post at all. It sounded to me like the issues you described as not working for you were: 1) strong side hip, and 2) reach (i.e. arm to torso ratio). I can identify with both those issues, so that guided my response. I also got the impression that you were just starting your journey and didn’t have a clear sense of the available options. Sorry if I misread your experience level.

There are a lot of variables in figuring out comfortable carry. But if you feel like you’ve already beaten all the IWB and front carry options to death, then my first-hand experience won’t be much help as you explore further. I have only used other methods as less than ideal accommodation to specific circumstances — wouldn’t recommend them for EDC. Carry on, you’ll find something.

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Ask the right questions in detail and you may get the right answers, I don’t think the problem was with the detailed and knowledgeable answers. :thinking:


Thanks for the tag @Scotty. I carry strong side appendix IWB with a JM4Tactical leather Holster. (Not an official USCCA endorsement, just my favorite holster at this point :smiley: BTW - JM4Tactical will be at the USCCA Expo next month.)

@jer002 We’re so glad to have you here. While some of the responses came off a little “off” shall we say you’ll find 99% of people here are happy to help.

(:woman_facepalming: y’all who’ve been here know to ask questions if you’re not sure what the commenter means and not just assume everyone is brand new to the lifestyle if they’re new to the Community :smiley: ).

Text over a digital platform when you don’t know the people involved can cause miscommunications and misunderstandings. I don’t think anyone meant any disrespect, they’re all coming at this from different directions with different ideas of what the issue is.

So back to the issue at hand, holsters.

Unfortunately, find a holster is usually more difficult than finding a gun you like. They are very much like trying to find the perfect purse. There is a lot of trial and error to finding what you like.

I would be surprised if anyone here said they found the perfect holster on the first try. Most of us have at least one box of holsters that didn’t work for us.

Carrying off-body presents an additional issue of always having to have that bag on you. If you want to try off-body and have an easy way to always have it on you, try a Ukoala bag.

I didn’t think it would be comfortable to carry appendix, but after a little trial and error and finding a holster that works, it’s incredibly comfortable and no one ever knows I have it there. Who would be silly enough to look at a woman’s midsection and mention a weird bump on one side (if it prints)?