Cross Draw

Curious what people think about cross draw holstering for concealed carry.

I’m aware of the need to avoid sweeping when drawing but it just seems comfortable and natural for me.

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The down side is that anyone to your off side is going to get flagged with the muzzle every time you move.

You will also be slower on target because instead of simply coming up from your side already inline with the target you have to first draw to the side then make a 90 degree turn and swing with the gun as you bring it up.

When sitting, driving, riding a bike/atv, or horse I find cross draw to be very practical and comfortable but it definitely has inherent problems as well.


I use cross draw extensively. I have reach issues with my shoulders so can’t carry on my back hip. I am shorter so really not comfortable with side carry. I use cross draw and shoulder holster. It is very easy and natural for me. With steady concentrated deliberate practice, you can control your draw and be just as effective as side carry.


My favorite carry solution for my full sized firearms is a Dene Adam’s corset and the solution that works with that is crossdraw. On me, for everything except peak summer it works really well providing great concealment and the most comfortable carry.

Down side is if I let the bad guy get close enough to clinch, it could be really hard to draw. It’s much harder to hold an attacker off left and draw right with cross draw rather than side or back, I think.

Like anything. practice practice practice.