Ankle Gun - Training how?

Ok, I’m presuming that as with any other carry position, “real life” type training is best.

However, I just did purchase a 2nd BUG for ankle carry. The ONLY times I can fathom drawing from my ankle would be:

  1. Very slowly and discreetly if needed during an event when I didnt want to draw attention

  2. While on the ground under attack and unable to access either of the 2 guns on my belt

So, what, should I lie down on the floor to practice draw and dry fire??

I’d say practice drawing from various positions…you never know where or what could be going on when you may have to access it. It’s not an easy access place to draw from by any means not to mention one that’s not going to be quick.

I was thinking we should go back to wearing bell bottoms, easier to draw from. LOL :rofl:


Best is to bring your leg up, hold pants and put leg down, pulling your pants up. Then you go down to kneeling position, drawing the gun.

While on the ground, bring the knee toward your chest, pull the pants, draw the firearm moving leg back.
(be careful and don’t shoot your knees from lying position :upside_down_face:)

(I’ve learnt these from Lenny Magill. He’s got great training videos)

Practice this at home until it goes fast and smooth.


That’s precisely the sort of detail I needed to hear. Thx very much :slight_smile: !

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@Bruce26. I’ve never worn those n would rather not. If I’m in a disco, someone needs to kick my a$$ anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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@FlashBack351. Yup. I typically wear "tactical (TruSpec24/7) pants, so theres good leg room. I suppose practicing the draw from whatever positions I can contort into maybe is a good idea.


…access either of the 2 guns on my belt.

Are you ambidextrous, or both others are on strong side, cross, or how would you access them?

I am indeed almost completely ambidextrous. The only thing I cant do with my non-dominant hand is throw a ball. For draw + shoot purposes, or fire along gun, yes I am.
That said, my “go to” is right handed.

As for the guns on my belt, I carry a 1911 at 4 o’clock IWB, and a Sig P365xl at 8 o’clock IWB. They’re always under a cover garment and I access either by using the other hand to pull that garment up outta the way to draw with the desired hand.

I also just discovered what’s probably THE method of carry for what I bought as the ankle gun - a pocket holster that works in a cargo pocket, which I have on my pants probably 80% of the time. It’s just how I’ve dressed for years…

Since we’re talking training anyway, I’m going to do some draw+fire from concealment training Monday looks like. Was going to be tomorrow but it’s supposed to rain…will be very nice to shoot on private land where I’m not stuck in a booth or dealing with other shooters close…yaaaay, a break from being indoors soooo dern much lately :slight_smile:


:thinking:… does it mean you carry 4 total? :+1:

Neo: “We need guns. Lots of guns…”

Personally, my pants would just fall off with more than one + a mag.

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No, 2 on belt, adding 1 on ankle or maybe cargo pocket, and if cargo pocket, may alternate from there to ankle…so a grand total of 3 guns. Primary 1911, backup Sig 9mm, backup TO the backup, Smith 642 Airweight 38spl.[quote=“Glock27ccw, post:11, topic:26048, full:true”]
Neo: “We need guns. Lots of guns…”

Personally, my pants would just fall off with more than one + a mag.

Ha! Then you’re not trying hard enough grasshopper (referring to Kung Fu series with D Carradine).

And FTR, I onced owned a G27 and carried it for about 8 months. I paid 400 for it, spent at least another 400 on custom stuff trying to get it to shoot straight, sold it at 350. Never again. The username made me remember all that, sorry.

And I’m not categorically saying Glocks dont shoot straight. I’m saying the 1 I had would not, no matter what I did. And I was not the problem…so, I was left with that impression and now,well, back to other brands…prefer steel so my Sig is anomalous really.

-End of diatribe here-


@Smiddy… I know that 3 is better than 2 and even better than 1… but any particular reason to carry 3 handguns?

why not? Its a good way to practice and even though I don’t carry ankle holsters if I were to, I would want to practice my draw from that type of holster.

I tried carrying ankle, just didnt work for me. Wasnt comfortable. Still kind of sad about that.

Nope, same logic as carrying 1 gun for me:
“I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”
I’m just the type of man who tries to always train and be prepared for any scenario, while praying I never need to be.


:ok_hand: 10-4

My training thus far, since o holsters I ordered have yet arrived, has been purely marksmanship, getting used to a thumbs down grip, firing at 7 yards. With a 2 handed grip and some seriously careful trigger pull, I’ve been able to bullseye a few. I’ve also practiced a little bit while seated, as that seems a possibility for such a snubby.

Both days I’ve shot this week, I finish by emptying my P365xl with a 15rd mag into the target as quickly as possible. No trouble keeping those inside the outer ring :slight_smile: It’s also cathartic after being limited to 5 heavy DA shots.

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That’s an idea!

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Barsony Pocket Holster came today!!!

It fits GREAT in a cargo pocket. Would probably do well in front pocket but the bottom of my Sig holster blocks it on the left, and I’m not gonna carry in the right front pocket, so…
Anyway, in the cargo pockets of my shorts, its great :slight_smile:!
FTR, got it on ebay, leather, $27. The Airweight slides right out of it when pulled, but otherwise stays in place - gee, just what a pocket holster should do.

As for the Galco ankle glove rig, it’s not shipped yet. It occurs to me also that, with the huge rush on guns we had, there may well have been an increased demand on holsters…

As for this guy, carrying in a cargo pocket is fine cause I almost always have a cargo pocket to use :slight_smile:

Oh, lastly, a tip for semi-auto brass saving while shooting on private property - put an old king size sheet down under where you’re gonna shoot, if you’re gonna be mostly in the same area when firing…sheet makes picking brass up tons easier.

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