Weapons Laws in California

Lots of issues here, but the California weapons law is severe. 10 years restriction for punching someone — this wasn’t a domestic violence charge.

Interesting. These types of stories usually have some important details that aren’t reported, so there may be more to it, but it’s odd that the FBI could get a warrant based on someone’s cell phone location. Something like that wouldn’t hold up in court.


…but the damage, temporary or permanent, to the man’s reputation has been done.
Who’s to pay if he’s not guilty?
Scary times ahead.

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In normal circumstances that would be true, but we are not living in “normal” times now. The agenda of the Left is on full-display. Those that refuse to see will continue not to see.

Commufornia is a beautiful State with wrong-headed governance. I certainly won’t go there unless US Constitutional Carry becomes law!!!

There are misdemeanor violent crimes, as well as 5150 holds that can make you a prohibited person.

Generally in CA a first time offender will be put on summary probation if plead out on a misdemeanor or a lesser non violent misdemeanor, with sometimes the case dismissed after the summary probation is completed.

Also generally they inform you to surrender your weapons and ammo if the sentence makes you a prohibited person.

This whole story sounds completely off.

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