Weapon replacement

I have a question I was looking through the membership agreement. I didn’t see it or mite not even be there. Is there anything about a weapon replacement or coverage if you have to use you weapon? When I was in my cpl class they were saying if you have to you use your weapon. When they take it you normally don’t get it back.


Good reason to own more than one… I suspect if you get it back, it will take a bit of time.


Correct, and if there’s a trial for anything (even if the trial is on the offender for assault on you) even longer as it could be held as evidence for that trial until a decision is rendered.

@Fred_G is exactly right, reason to own more than one.


Are you asking about USCCA member benefits for weapon replacement?
Yes, it is included, heres the doc that describes member benefits
Near the top of page 10.


Yes thank you

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Yes there is weapon replacement but it will probably take some time.

c. Replacement of a firearm, up to its manufacturer’s suggested retail price, that has been confiscated as a result of an “occurrence”, provided that:
i. no criminal charge or indictment will be brought against, or there has been a dismissal or acquittal of all criminal charges or proceedings against, the member as a result of the “occurrence”; and
ii. it becomes reasonably certain that the firearm will not be returned to the member.


It is better to have a second one that you have put enough rounds through to trust for carry. An exact replacement for your gun is still an untested gun that you would have to trust your life too.