Torn about USCCA membership

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One of many rebuttals here.

They Are LYING To You (USCCA CEO Confronts Deceptive Claims) - Self-Defense / True Stories - USCCA Community (


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Not sure what you mean by criminal plan. Does it mean you are covered against if someone committed a crime against you? I don’t know why someone would need insurance against that. If you didn’t want to pursue it you could just not press charges.
If you are being charged with a crime for defending yourself, I don’t think one can do better than USCCA. Be careful of people that tell you one thing means another. Not trying to be cure but one thing means one thing. Another means another.


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Welcome to the community @Blake31

Despite all the negative propaganda being spreed by competitors (like the often misleading claims being promoted by groups like Attorneys On Retainer) I personally feel very comfortable with the USCCA coverage. Especially when it comes to the civil liability coverage. You can do everything right and by the book and still get sued by the family of the person who tried to violently harm you and your family.


Welcome @blake31, my wife and I had another companies product/service for a year. They were partners with the range we got our TX LTC class. After having no confidence in their application and looking and comparing different options we decided USCCA was best for us, and we couldn’t be happier. But like many things, taste is personal. I would say do the homework and analysis, chances are you’ll find one that is right for you and it’s likely to be USCCA on the bottom line.


@Blake31 Welcome to the community, you and you’re wife can’t go wrong by becoming USCCA members for the best insurance, training tutorials, videos to learn from plus more. Take advantage of everything the USCCA has to offer.


Not another one!




Quick answer without any research: NO.


None of us here will convince you one way or another. YOU must do the research and decide. I have looked at it from many sides and believe that the USCCA is what I am looking for. Keep in mind that legal protection and or representation is a business. Competition rules and as far as I am aware the USCCA has never, nor has a “member” demean or detract a competitor. I may be wrong on that account as I don’t spend a lot of time on the matter.


I’m glad you posted. I’ve been a USCCA member for quite a while. I’ve talked with people who have used their USCCA membership and have their cases dismissed and their bills paid. I like the USCCA so much I started working for Delta Defense last year. Best culture and team I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.
The USCCA has been around for over 20 years. They literally built the industry. Marc Victor and his minions are trying to gain business by disparaging their competition. They’ve been around, what–about a year?? They try to muddy the water and they make statements to confuse and disparage.
I have tried multiple times to present the facts of the case of Kayla Giles by posting the link to the trial summary on AOR’s and heavy duty’s youtube comments–only to have it deleted immediately. If you don’t believe me–try posting anything that contradicts their lies. What does that say about their integrity? Here is the court case --for your edification.
They are not willing to have the truth of the case come out, because it doesn’t support their lies. If the USCCA had a track record of denying claims, wouldn’t there be tons of posts from people all over the internet saying their coverage was denied? But there aren’t. From everything I’ve seen, read and heard, the USCCA has a track record of taking care of their members.
The USCCA’s insurance provider has paid out millions of dollars in civil claims for people who were found not guilty/had their case dismissed and still lost in civil court.
Blake, do what you think is best. Please take the time to research and learn the facts and understand the issues.




I asked my home owners/umbrella insurance- USAA about home owners coverage in case of a clear cut defensive shooting(not found guilty). There may be some coverage?, but I would count on USCCA.



I was a USCCA member, and am not currently. I think the services USCCA offers are excellent, the magazine is great. But $35/month (or whatever it is right now) was just too much to swallow. I don’t particularly need a top-tier glossy magazine, I don’t particularly want to pay for a very nice corporate HQ in West Bend. What I need, is decent coverage, which I was able to obtain for much less with the same or better coverage.

It all depends on what you want. If you enjoy the magazine and like to take advantage of their online training (but I really do not like the upsell to get you to pay yet MORE for additional training - c’mon guys, we’re already paying more per month than just about any organization we’re part of, except for maybe a health club), and like the pretty building in West Bend, then USCCA is a great place to be.

I dunno, success isn’t all that bad.


Aaron, Thank you, that was well said.
I feel we have nothing to PROVE here.
Like anything else (as been said ad nauseum-
It’s your choice which entity you stick with).
Like the CLASH sings:" Should I stay or should I go ?!"
for me it’s “STAY, STAY, STAY!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
BUT Dirty Tactics and Lies will bite you on the Heini every time!
I wouldn’t want to have a firm w/ 'Questionable Tactics and abilities
to get me out of a Self Defense Incident.
USCCA sings to me and that’s the Goods (for me)

And to: Brother Mat: I pay $41 a month
Forty-one dollars for piece of mind. A bargain at any price.
How much will the other guys hit you up for?
As for any Corporate HQ? They have to work outta somewhere?
Maybe a (10) man tent from REI? Motel 6 parking lot?
They don’t seem to be buying $10K suits like Wayne La Pew Pew
or entire Computer Systems on ‘Katrina’ Donations like the Red Cross
or like the .gov on EVERY Thing! or like the…Oh, Never mind! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Where We Go 1 We Go All! maybe a RV in a KOAT Campground? …


It would be nice to see the numbers on claims filed, claims denied and reasons for denial.
Such stats could build confidence. I emailed Delta Defense asking for that information and have not received a reply.


None that we know of, no.

The competition pretends otherwise, of course