They Are LYING To You (USCCA CEO Confronts Deceptive Claims)

Brother Ron,
How many Guns are in the hands of American Citizen’s?
No, they are NOT all Gunner’s, I admit that.
But when the SHTF will they protect their own? I would say probably yes.
Are they TRAINED UP? I would say probably no.
Please see the RANT I posted on this Topic. THIS IS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW>
State of Nevada shooting in defense of another
The people I trained with, fought with are getting older (by the minute)
But we ain’t dead yet! The numbers of Vet’s HERE, Law Enforcement, Security etc are HUGE!
The sheer numbers of regular Joe’s and Jane’s here that see the writing on the wall and KNOW
it’s going to get loud are FANTASTIC. USCCA’S number’s are growing leaps and bounds DAILY!
We will be at a MILLION very soon. That ain’t chopped Liver Brother.
People SEE the situation
But what will it take to act on it?
This administration is trying to break us
Destroy our President
Destroy US
Are Founding fathers set up a Bullet proof plan for success and they are trying to dismantle it all.
How can you KILL the 2nd amendment? But they are trying real hard.
The first rule in Combat when you are hit is STOP THE BLEEDING!
If you don’t nothing else matter’s. Your Training, Will power, Critical thinking flow right out with your life force and you are done.