USCCA defense insurance question

I joined USCCA for a few reasons, but chief among them was I thought their defense insurance was better than what I had at the NRA. Other than having it, I never really thought about it.

Now, with all the Soros-funded DAs releasing criminals and not prosecuting them, I’ve come to the conclusion that while being involved in a SD shooting is still a vanishingly small probability, it is likely ten times what it was 3-5 years ago. So I contacted a lawyer’s office listed on the USCCA lawyers in my area to see if he covered my location, with the idea I’d put a contact for him in my phone.

When I called they wanted me to speak with an attorney and said there is an additional annual retainer for them, at two levels, in addition to the USCCA coverage. Whaaaat? I thought we just got the USCCA coverage and picked a lawyer to contact in the event of a SD shooting incident.

Will someone explain how this works and why is this lawyer charging their own fee in addition to the USCCA membership? Should we be pre-selecting an attorney prior to calling the emergency number? Could use some guidance here. Thanks.

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Curious as well. I didn’t think there would be a retainer, but maybe some lawyers are differentm

I selected one and emailed them, said I have USCCA insurance and the said I just need to use the emergency number, but they did not mention a retainer.

I would use the chat with USCCA cust serv chat and ask them. They have been very helpful in responding and answering questions.


As a USCCA member if, God forbid, you are in a self defense incident, do as the back of the member card says. In short, call 911, then call Delta Defense and get the critical response team.

If the situation warrants an attorney, the critical response team can reach out to an attorney of your choice or one from the USCCA attorney network.

For a covered act of self defense, the relevant expenses (such as No Limit defense expenses both criminal and civil court) are paid as incurred by the insurance company (Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company). Those expenses are not paid by the member and the member need not pay anything to the attorney.

Also, welcome aboard! Please stick around the community. :slight_smile:


Totally agree with this. I would find a different attorney; better still, find one you can establish a relationship with before an incident. If something goes down, they are your first point of contact. Not all USCCA attorneys would be my choice. I tried to contact one on the USCCA list here in Florida just for a general question and he said he would call back and never returned my call. Next day, I called back and asked the secretary to leave him a reminder; same result; no response. Emailed him; same response. Nope, not what I’d want in a real, need-help-now situation.


I need to order a new card, haven’t seen mine in ages. And find the webpage describing how to use the service, I guess.

I’d love to see reviews of some of these attorneys, but can’t find that either. I think it’s a crapshoot. Call the emergency number, take who they send, and hope for the best. I’m not equipped to evaluate them, anyway.


IIRC I receive a new one every renewal.
Call their hotline or chat with support


That’s nonsense. Call the USCCA and let them know. NOT how it works…


Just to let others know, NRA membership has never included post-event support. NRA tried marketing a program that provided post-event support under the name Carry Guard, but that was shut down after only two years by the New York insurance commissioner.