Anyone know what changed?

Apparently my bill went up a while ago and I never knew. The lady on the phone said check my dashboard for stuff. It’s a bunch of pop ups and videos I can’t access because I gotta start at the beginning and watch the videos for first time gun owners. I must be missing something here, because I want to like this company. Will someone please share a link or 2, that isn’t full of pop-ups, that explains the change?

Thank you.


Good morning @Brian1 - check out your membership page once you’re logged in (upper right-hand corner of You can do this on your dashboard (my last name and member number are covered):

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Click directly on “Membership Benefits” to be taken to the benefits page.

You can also see a comparison of the different levels of membership here.
And two other documents that might help:
View USCCA Membership Agreement.
View Self-Defense Liability Policy

Hopefully, that gives you what you’re looking for! If not, definitely tag us @moderators with your specific questions and we’ll jump in to answer.


Thank you. Did USCCA always use a 3rd party insurance company?