Why I Chose USCCA

I have been a member of USCCA for several years. My wife and I attended a seminar 2 weeks ago on defending yourself from an active shooter.
The 2 hour class was very informative and at the end a representative from US Law Shield discussed their program and it sounded really great.
When he stated that US Law Shield did not have a cap on attorney fees both criminal and civil , my wife and I looked at each other. We both were very much aware that there was a cap for USCCA.
After the seminar was over I joined USLS. I came home and called USCCA to cancel and was told to think about my decision for a day and then call back. Paul was more than willing to cancel but he suggested that I study the two very carefully.
I did my homework and found that USLS does not have any coverage for a member for personal liability in a civil suite. I am not interested in a guarantee of attorney payment and then lose my assets of 74 years of hard work and savings.
At the time I was a Platinum Member of USCCA and after comparing the two I moved up to Elite Member and cancelled my new membership with USLS. I must say that they did listen very carefully why I decided to stay with USCCA and was told by them that my decision to cancel USLS was valid. Within a day my refund was back in my bank account.
I would not be surprised that in the future USLS has coverage similar to USCCA.
In todays world the Civil Suite scares me more than the Criminal Charges if I were to have use my weapon in self defense.


I believe that to be a valid concern in today’s society.


Thank you for sharing this. I know many of us will identify with the thought process you went through. I too feel like USCCA is by far the best option. We can all get so much more from our membership. This Community is a great example.


Yes @Albert_Al , USCCA’s coverage is more comprehensive. It’s great that you did your due diligence in comparing the 2 when making your decision. Years ago I did the same thing with the then offered NRA insurance and found there was no comparison, USCCA’s coverage was by far the better choice.

Now, the next step in your coverage is to go get some USCCA training. You’ll have the same lightbulb go on once you’ve finished a class.


Bravo! On the insight.

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I am convinced that whether there’s criminal charges or not, there will be a civil suit. Someone’s mama will always think their little boy shouldn’t have been shot just because he was committing an armed robbery.


All the more reason to have protection from a Clivil law Suit.

In my mind, USCCA was a no brainer. I discussed it with my wife and we looked at several options. In the end she agreed that USCCA offered better overall coverage, so I signed on for a Platinum membership. Very happy I did and will soon be stepping up to the next level.