Coverage: Vehicle Used in Self Defense?


I’m wondering if USCCA has ever defended a member who was forced to use their vehicle as a deadly weapon in self-defense to get out of a carjacking or road rage attack or what have you.


That’s a great question, @Ken38. Due to the nature of the legal self-defense, outside of the attorneys our members work with, no one else at the USCCA has details about the cases.

Maybe someone who has had that experience who is completely through the legal process will comment?


@Dawn Is that the reason we never read about any members using the legal services of USCCA? It just seems like the testimonials are few and far between.


@TexasEskimo - I am certain it has to do with attorney-client privilege. The client can offer up that information, but no one else can really know the details.

I am not a lawyer.


I believe the testimonials are good but some people like to keep their business to themselves and we have to understand that also. What’s good about the testimonials is that people can talk about their experience with the USCCA and how they helped them. It helps with membership recruitment and people will gain more confidence in the organization.


While I can’t cohere totally with that question, I can testify that after taking one round to the vehicle and few fly by the frame of my vehicle and myself that USCCA was there…holding my hand.

Although, I asked my insurance agency to take care of any costs but from my personal perspective…

USCCA is and was not a Progressive Insurance Company. MEANING: They were almost like a brother I could depend on.

Heck, they listened to me ramble on some b/s and even provided resources when literally was losing my mind. Just for the conversation, when I did make the claim for damage against auto insurance, I don’t even recall Progressive having any empathy or even asking if I was okay.


Thanks for the reply Randall. I hate to hear that is happens to anyone. Unfortunately it does. Being as prepared as possible is our only defense. GOD bless


It’s all around dreadful driving around Shreveport now. Every other day a innocent human gets laid in hospital bed for a bullet he didn’t deserve.

But what helps ease my mind is knowing and having USCCA! It helped in many If not most areas.