True Stories from USCCA Members

Has anyone here needed to defend him or herself and was USCCA able to successfully help? If so, did you have to spend any money outside of the monthly membership fee? How was the process?

I have yet to see any real stories from actual members that were not used for advertising.

I really hope others are willing to share their experiences, @AK1763. Part of the reason you don’t hear too much from those people is that they’ve been through a pretty traumatic experience and are trying to get past it. They may have been vilified in their communities for using lethal force to defend themselves (unfortunately it happens).

We don’t require anyone who has utilized the legal protection aspect of their USCCA members to talk about the situation. I would love to hear more about people’s experiences as well. I know we’re helping a lot of people, but even the USCCA staff (outside of some of the Critical Response team) doesn’t know many details - for the legal protection of our members.


BTW @Dawn can corroborate most of this she has my permission. I won’t mention the Crisis Team Managers name. Truly amazing lady

My true story.

First off not a shot was fired, I deescalated the situation, 911 got there, but after 911 got there a bunch of…let’s call them unsubs showed up.

At the dog park, my wife and another lady got into a verbal confrontation with a woman who came through the wrong gate and let 20 odd dogs loose from the dog park. Lady was threatening to assault my wife and my wife’s friend. I get between them ( yes I was armed).

As soon as the ummm let’s just say lady was confronted she claimed all of the owners of the dogs that were confronting her about her lack of dog park etiquette were only doing it because they were racist and she didn’t see what the big deal was, everyone but 2 people got there dogs back.

Well, I can see this is going nowhere good, get my irate wife and the lady that was with my wife and pulled them away. Called 911. While 911 is arriving, so are a bunch of unsubs. They are all just sitting in there cars. I start getting a really bad feeling about all of these unsubs sitting in there cars and I block the exit so my wife and her friend can leave.

Once 911 leaves 4 of the unsubs follow me, I take them for a scenic drive to the police station. While doing so I called the crisis # cause I think it’s about to go South. I also have a rare medical issue where stress can put me into a coma. I explain to the crisis team what’s going on and the manager I got. She was amazing, she talked with me, and then checked up on me every couple of days.

My car is not discrete. It’s a small, very fast 2 door convertible, with a personalized tag. Not another like it in town. My concern is the unsubs would look around and find it or my address would be released when the police report was. The day after the report was released I learned my town does not put the complainants parties identifying info in the report.

I went into a coma that day (lasted a couple of days). Of all the people I know, that crisis manager (besides wife and daughter) was the ONLY person who cared enough to check up on me. She sent me a get well card.

So no guns blazing, no takeaways about how much money was saved. Just a story about a major company with over 400,000 customers who cared enough to follow-up even when there’s no big gun fight just good people.