Has anyone really used USCCA?

Has anyone ever used USCCA
After a event?

I’ve seen a few of your posts today. You seem very new around here. Welcome.

Perhaps you might start with https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/.

There is a wealth of Information available on the Web site, there are customer service personnel who can take questions, etc. They can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Good Lord willing, I will never need “after an event”. I have been paying for auto & homeowners insurance for years and rarely if ever have filed a claim. Knock on wood! USCCA on the legal & insurance side gives me peace of mind that is invaluable. The information in the Academy is priceless and the community shares valuable information. So, what is your point?


I have.

Without going into too much detail, I was assaulted at my house by a person who wanted a dog which had been adopted by me.

The person had put the dog up for adoption through an agency, and Facebook stalked my wife to find the address.

Just showed up, tried to take the dog, and then proceeded to physically assault me, while I was wearing my gun, which was in plain view, in a non-retention “slip-fit” type holster.

It quickly degenerated into a ground fight, with me trying to maintain control of her and the pistol.

Was I in fear for my life? Hell, yeah. She could have simply tried to snatch the gun and use it on me and my wife.

Police called, failed to physically arrest her, and only gave her a citation for trespass. They advised me the State’s Attorney’s office would get in touch; that never happened. They indicated that I could contact the court commissioner and swear out charging documents.

She walked away that night and I found out shortly later that she went to the commissioners the next morning and so I was charged with an array of criminal citations.

I called USCCA, and explained what had occurred, they had the next level folks call, and after a conversation or two, covered my attorney’s fees. This lead to getting the charges dismissed, but took hours of depositions and investigations, court actions and appearances handled, and establishing enough info to get the State’s Attorney to realize that the charges were garbage and needed to be dropped, and getting my record eventually expunged.

To me the most shocking thing was the state’s attorneys office never contacted me, but simply went with the idea that her charges came in first, so we’ll prosecute those. Insanity.

This all took about two years total. And many tens of thousands of dollars.

(I will admit I am somewhat embarrassed by what happened, as I am a pretty big guy, but have chronic back pain from an on job injury (vehicle collision) as a state trooper. It galls me how feeble I am physically now. I am writing this, as I simply cannot sleep right now. It hurts too much and I am awake so started to do some reading and saw the question.)

Take care all. Be safe.



I’m sorry this happened and sorry for your pain. Thank you for your years putting your life on the line as a state trooper. I am glad you shared this. It is good for me to hear stories of USCCA coming through for its members when it counts. Its especially meaningful that in a situation like yours where there were competing narratives, they stood behind you. I’m sure it helped that you were actually the good guy in the scenario and were telling the truth!

Prayers for your pain to ease.


Wow! Thank you for sharing!


I cannot begin to imagine how incredibly frustrating this was, @KeithK! I’m glad to hear it all worked out in the long run and that we had your back!

@AZJustMe2021, there are a number of different testimonials throughout the Community and on the USCCA.com website. In the Community, please use the search function to find those testimonials as they are scattered through some different topics.

On USCCA.com, you can find the member testimonials here:



So this crazy chick assaulted a disabled state trooper wearing a gun in his own yard because she wanted to steal your dog, and you got in trouble for it? You need to emigrate to America, my friend! Your testimonial demonstrates the old adage: it ain’t what you know, but who you know that counts in the courts. That plus “my lawyer is bigger than your lawyer” pretty much rule based on everything I have seen. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Be well!

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Yes I have. After close to 6 months I finally got my dismissal letter stating no charges would be filed on me, this week. It was a justified self defense shooting where I was attacked while in my car. A bit of advise to all…I had a dashcam which also records the inside of the car. I captured everything on video. A dashcam can help you in so many situations. The only reason it took so long was due to the covid scare. They shut the courts down for a whole month. USCCA was great in having my back. I called immediately and they called an Attorney for me. I would have hated to had to deal with this on my own and the cost for a Attorney, I don’t know if I could have paid for one myself without a financial hardship. The USCCA also called and emailed me regularly to check up to see how I was doing, not just the case but me as an individual. I love these guys. They mean and practice what they say.


I also had a confrontation while visiting up in Wa. State,The home owner came up to the porch I was on ,The people I was visiting were in the process of moving,so asked if I minded staying to look after their belongings while they moved,so I agreed to do so.So the owner came up in his car and stopped his car with wheels sliding at the end of the side wall and jumped out yelling and screameng and mumbiing so bad I could understand what he was saying so i stood up ans said STOP! and he kept coming,so I drew my 45 at the low ready and said STOP again and he kept coming,so he was within 10 foot of me and I raised my weapon and said STOP the 3rd time and lit him up with my on demand loser again between the eyes and I saw his eyes change to GE ISS SERIOUS!,and I had already made up my mind that if he raised his foot i was firing,no doubt about it.He turned away and left and to me it was over,so i re holstered my weapon and he call the police,so I was charged with brandishing amd I got an ATTY thru USSCA and they defended me for about 5 months and the charges were dismissed as self dwfewnse and all weapons rights returned,so I came back to Texas,on another note,that was under the old policy and would like to know if any one has used yhe new policy,and is it better than the old one,because the old one worked as it should,with no complaints with the defending of the charges.
The DA did want me to PLEA me out,and I said the only plea i would make is complete exhortation of the charges and complete return all my rights with no charge at all!


I am up for renewal for Platinum member ship,so the question I have is the company that provides the legal coverage is a good as the previous coverage we had and has ANY ONE made USE of it yet,I need to know if it is still viable good protection as the previous,or do I need to search else where,have been a member since 2017, please tell me your thoughts to help me make up my mind!

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@Layton - I have been a member since 2/2014. I’m currently an Elite member. I did a good amount of research about a year ago when my membership was coming up for renewal. There are options, but I haven’t found anything that touches what we get from USCCA for the cost.

I’ve never had to use the insurance and, God willing, I never will. I hold the same opinion of all of my non-medical insurance policies.


I was satisfied with what we had,but has any one have the new alternate policy they got in place of,and has any one used it yet and is it as good as the old one,and yes I have used the old insurance and was very satisfied with it

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Out out of over 500,000 members no one has had to use the new Policy as of yet,that is hard to believe! Any way I did change payment option to a current card since I canciled I had on file

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