USCCA - In The News

This is the first time I’ve seen The USCCA referred to by name in a Self Defense article.


From the link:

“Izquierdo spent the next 20 or so days behind bars until her sister reminded her on a phone call she was a U.S. Concealed Carry Association member …”

I pray I never need USCCA, but unless I’m in a coma, nobody’s gonna need to remind me I am a USCCA member.


We’ve talked about it before. I have it on speed dial, R has it on her phone, we’ve contacted a couple of the firms on the list, we have them on speed dial. Kinda like 911, I hope I never ever need to push ‘Dial’.


I also won’t need to be reminded (after 20 days! sheeeeesh!)
All I need is (20) seconds. Speed dial lawyers also (3) on phone.
Yes, Yes, yes I know adrenaline dump, Just in a sort of shoot (her case situation)
BIG, Tall White boy! (Not winning friends with THAT statement! Well, For me two outta three ain’t bad :rofl:)
But she talked to the Poe=Poe and she’s from CUBA! Big mistake.

KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, CALL LAWYER…they (Poe) ask questions…
"Lawyer, I would love to cooperate w/ you fine officers, I called my USCCA Lawyer
and he advised me to wait till he gets to me before WE answer any questions. Oh and thank you
for not being Alphabet storm troopers and trying to jam me up with trick questions or interrogating me into false statements…I know you wouldn’t do that to an AMERICAN CITIZEN.


“I will cooperate 100%, but first I need my attorney” (do not talk further without your lawyer present)