Watch this video - you might learn something

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Mr. Mike, some very important points in this video.

  • one in particular is ( between the lines ).
    If I may say that people are quick to judge other peoples actions when they have not been there so to speak of ( literally ) ruling out stupid, lack of training, not cut out for the work, whatever. There was one other member here that described what its like to be in the worst possible situation in this life. I feel pain about this that because sometimes the memories are brought back trying to explain what things people experience and feel in these dire situations is like, that some of these memories will stay with us until death.
    PS: Listen to the words
    PSS: one things to this day that I will never ever forget when we thought we were sure to die was “ AS LONG AS THEY DON’T EAT US WE WILL BE OK “
    This is the other member I mentioned.

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pretty much… been there done that… think I even have the tshirt somewhere…

it’s something you never forget… your mind wont allow you too… even if you try…

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